REVIEW: Dead Sea Aromatherapy Bath Salts


Dead Sea Aromatherapy Bath Salts with Frankincense Oil & Rose Petals

Price: £6.85 (RRP)

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  • Heavenly scents that make you feel relaxed from just smelling the jar
  • Rose is great for lifting your mood
  • They also make a shower gel with the same ingredients



  • Time is the only problem with choosing a bath over a shower
  • If rose is not in your favourite scents list, this might not be for you



We all know what Epsom salts can do so I was eager to see what dead sea salt could bring to the party. This product made the water feel silky and luxurious.


They say

Dead Sea Aromatherapy Bath Salts with Frankincense have therapeutic minerals along with aromatherapy oils and rose petals help you to feel your stress just float away.

Dead Sea Aromatherapy Bath Salts with Frankincense calm both your breathing and your mind whilst soothing tense muscles and rejuvenating your skin.


Pour just a handfuls into your bath water and transform your bath into a haven of relaxation. Lie back and feel your stress just float away.

We say

Dead Sea is a fantastic company who bring products to us that do the job. The real Dead Sea has been the source of salts to solve skin problems for centuries. The salt contains therapeutic minerals which in this product have been teamed with rose petals and Frankincense essential oils to reduce stress and calm your breathing and your mind. After putting in a couple of handfuls of the pretty pink salts mixed with dried rose petals you can literally feel yourself relaxing as you lie back in the water. Relieving aching muscles and rejuvenating your skin is perfect for an end of the day experience. I liked the large flakes which melted easily and felt less grainy than epsom salts.



Amazingly effective for me. My skin was moisturised and my muscles felt light. 5 stars


Value for Money:

The results are worth the money – I think there are about 6 baths worth in the pot. 5 stars



A nice squat pot with a reassuringly professional navy blue lid and label. 4.5 stars


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