Detox Rocks!

Detox Actually Rocks

We are now being told in quite a ‘telling off fashion’ by professionals that our body can detox itself without any help. Any kind of diet or internal cleanse or intense exfoliation is a waste of time. Yes, we all know how the liver and kidneys work and we all learnt about mitosis in biology in school… Even armed with that knowledge I like a nice deep clean and feel better after a period of blissfully not eating anything I like but reining in the excess. It helps my mind and I am still convinced it helps my body.

A quick three day programme done over a long weekend like the one described here just resets the clock. Leslie Kenton is the queen of detox life style and I love reading her books and fantasising about the time when I can focus on nothing but myself with a lot of money to follow the tantalising regimes… So this little routine is a nod to her.

Pick a time when you are not doing anything too strenuous. Child care is fine and I can attest to that having done it with two children in tow. If you are working for the UN then maybe wait for a few days annual leave.

Day One

Eat fruit and drink water. Dazzling in its simplicity so far. Tomatoes and Avocados are fruit BTW. You can have large plates of both sliced and drizzled with olive oil – another fruit!

Day Two

Eat fruit and raw vegetables and drink water. Let your imagine run wild and create massive salads with as many colours as you can manage.

Day Three

Eat fruit and raw and cooked vegetables and drink water. Yum. This is so fab it does not feel like deprivation at ALL. Ratatouille is my go to food on any given day at any time of the year.

Day Four

Go back to your eating habits that are good and take a good look at the ones that are not so good. You know the ones – I do not need to point them out.
The massive headache that comes with the lack of caffeine is the only downside and you may be a bit snappy at times and not able to focus as intently as you do normally.
You will feel fabulous by the end of day three with a flatter stomach and the headache will have eased off leaving you positively upbeat about life.

If you can throw in a few beauty treatments during this time then that will be almost like being at a fancy spa with a fancy price tag. You will have fruits and vegetables to hand so make a few products for your face hair and body.

A fabulous hair masque that is breathtakingly simple is to mix half an avocado with the equal amount of runny honey. Paint onto your hair then wrap in cling film then wrap a warm towel on top (put it in the dryer for five mins or on a radiator) and leave for twenty minutes. The heat will encourage the absorption of the goodness of both ingredients. Avocados contain Pantothenic acid which is very moisturising and the honey is a natural humectant drawing moisture from the air. Rinse well and shampoo twice.

If you do a baking soda masque first to strip product build up off the hair then you will really benefit. Simply mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with tiny amounts of water until you have a thick paste then massage onto the hair and leave for 15 mins then rinse off and shampoo as normal if you are not going on to the avocado masque.

Think of me as I do this starting on Monday!!

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Rowena Kitchen
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