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Regardless of your relationship with fashion Dior is a name you’ll have heard of. Their fragrances, aftershaves and make-up have allowed their audience to span across gender and age. Currently the fashion house is using social media to push the boundaries further by integrating technology into their business strategy after undergoing new creative direction. Step forward womenswear designer Maria Grazia Chiuri and CEO Pietro Beccari. Beforehand the  have been more traditional in their approach to marketing and garment design. Even Elizabeth Von der Goltz, Net-a-Porter’s global buying director, had previously  commented, “At Dior there is something to be done in terms of modernizing their communications.”


Strong digital content is an expectancy of any brand. Especially a luxury one. Fashion is more based online then ever before, as are its consumers. Beautiful fashion images saturate our Instagram feeds. Meaning we need more motivation to engage with brands other then having a beautiful add campaign. So what are Dior doing differently?

Dior literally made their own eyes

client wearing the dior head set
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Introducing Dior Eyes! Customers can try these headsets in select stores around the world offering them a virtual insight in to Dior’s runway shows. Boutiques today should offer an experience that present the brand’s culture, voice and vision. Dior Eyes present a very literal example of this.

“Dior Eyes is an “ultra immersive virtual reality” equipped with “high-definition image resolution, holophonic audio creating a 3D immersion in to the back stage world at a fashion show, including the sensation of 360 vision, letting visitors move about in the virtual universe.”

Through virtual reality, people are able to experience Diors ready to wear show with a back stage pass. Showing models during final make up prep and fittings. which is a perfect of example of how the house is using technology to advance their image as well as involving their clients in the creative process. Allowing their best ones behind the curtain. The headset was made within the Dior workshop in conjunction DigitasLBi labs in France using 3D printing. Another massive advancement in fashion technology and design.

Dior boutiques are mega

I would expect their stores and concessions to be beautiful; and they are. Classic and reflective of the new head designer’s vision. Stores around the world also have digital installations built in to the walls that show different video imagery.

Each tailored to the boutiques product type and customer. For example Dior’s fragrance and make-up counters feature the brands add-campaigns, instagram feed or a reel of the latest ready to wear show. During International Women’s Day Dior celebrated across their boutiques (AW18/19 has a very female positive theme and the designer is an advocate of female empowerment) inviting online personalities and bloggers to the event to provide social commentary. Boutiques even live streamed the event from other spaces around the world.

WeChat is a big thing

Dior is the first major luxury brand to use Chinese social media application WeChat. Using the forum to successfully promote an sell their products online leading to massive sales and sell out campaigns.

Dior bag Wechat adverisement
image taken from google images

Entering the app to sell its Lady Dior bags during the Qixi Festival Holiday, a four day campaign ended in to one day campaign. Due the bag selling out within the first 24 hours. Therefore showing other luxury brands the power of social media, especially WeChat.

Instagram is real specific

Dior uses multiple instagram channels to promote its products to target demographics. This strategy allows Dior to feed clients information specific to their gender, age and interests. Starting with the launch of @diorhomme; which was created to target male consumers. @diorofficial is used for major campaigns and women’s wear and @diormakeup to promote Dior’s cosmetics.

Dior Dior

When interviewed by Vogue magazine, Dior’s head designer discussed her hopes for the future of Dior. And, in summary her statement perfectly describes Dior’s approach to digital content and social media:

“When I started in fashion, there were no computers, no Instagram; now your dialogue is with people who are digital, so you have to understand them…”

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