Steal Dirty Dancing’s Baby’s style

Throwback Thursday: Dirty Dancing

‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner!’ is one of the most iconic movie lines of all time. One of my favourite movies Dirty Dancing was released exactly 30 years ago and so far no movie can top Baby and Johnny’s dances. Everyone at one point of their lives has probably tried to do the final dance and failed epicly (I have failed so many times, I cannot even remember!) Yet, this doesn’t mean we can’t replicate Baby’s midi summer dress. Although we may not have Johnny in our arms or the talent, this dress can be worn on many occasions. Yes summer now seems like a distant memory but with Halloween just around the corner its worth bearing this look in mind.  You can channel your inner dancer with this flowy pastel pink dress.  Check out our finds below…


dirty dancing


Shop Baby’s Dirty Dancing style



dirty dancing

Yitty hand embellished midi dress, £75.00 LACE & BEADS at


dirty dancing
Honeypie heeled sandals, £35.00 ASOS

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Alya Barutoglu
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