An Eco-Friendly Period using a Tampon

How fortunate women are today to live in a world where we have Aunt Flo options. “Rags, cotton, or sheep’s wool” was once placed in underwear during a woman’s time of the month. Development has surged greatly – particularly in the past 20 years. And now we can have an eco-friendly period using a tampon – for those not comfortable with a Mooncup.

According to, “the average woman uses about 10,000 sanitary products during her lifetime”. Tampons and pads often end up in landfills or polluting into rivers and streams. Not to mention that the plastic inside them is a material that’s hard to break down.

Although a Mooncup is eco-friendly and has been around since the 1930’s, the majority of women are using pads and tampons in preference. It’s clear that this additional choice is not enough to help our enviroment, or to have women around the world rejoicing in an eco-friendly period. Now however, there is a new possibility that could help our planet immensely.

eco-friendly period


This organic tampon company has launched the world’s first reusable tampon. A British brand innovation; DAME has created a reusable applicator called D – the message: ‘bleed red, think green’.

Should we move past our ‘icky’ thoughts and accept that our blood can be rinsed and not thrown? In the 21st century, females still live in shame each week of a month: Running to a female behind the till instead of a male, hiding sanitary products inside sleeves on the way to the toilets; coughing to hide the sound of a packet opening.

It’s estimated that nearly 10 billion period products are disposed every year – nearly all contain plastics. DAME suggests that each time a woman switches to using their D applicator, she’ll prevent approximately 12,000 pieces of single-use plastic from entering our oceans.


A kick-starter campaign was set-up to help funding. The goal was £20,000, but they have more than doubled this number, with £41, 708 pledged by 1,718 backers.



D Applicator

Made from medical grade mediprene with in-built antimicrobial technology for hygiene, the D applicator works with any tampon absorbency. The design is deliberately sleek; co-founder Alec Mills says: “Creating a product that looks good in bathrooms and handbags is a further measure to normalise periods”.

Late last year, the first advert to feature red period blood was shown. Typically, our periods are demonstrated with blue liquid. This reinforces what Alec further states: “for too long women have been sold on the promise of discretion: that their periods are embarrassing and dirty”.

So is now the time to move past old-fashioned views and take a positive change towards our menstrual cycle and planet? An eco-friendly period could be a simple adjustment with the use of the D applicator.

“Tackling environmental issues is not a question of if, it’s when. Soon, all business will need to think about how to improve the environment, as the problem will be unavoidable. The recent press coverage and media campaigns about plastic pollution prove that consumers are waking up to the issue, too. Change needs to happen, but it doesn’t need to be difficult or painful. We should be working on this both top down and bottom up, as businesses and consumers” – Co-founder Celia Pool.

To contribute to funding and pre-order D, or to find out more information on the applicator and campaign, click here.

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