Eco Glitter: What Is It And Why It’s Important

It has the same characteristics as normal glitter: shiny, colourful, fun and a festival essential. Nothing says ‘festival season’ like a glitter moon around your eyebrow, but this year – even though it should have been the trend of every year – eco glitter is taking the reins as more people start to realise just how bad micro-plastics can be.

Many people don’t realise in the colourful-haze of glitter application that glitter is still an un-degradable plastic and thus still contributes to the ever-problematic plastic pollution. Here at i the stylist, we have composed a list of the best brands to channel your glitter and environmental love in to for a eco-friendly summer…

Eco Stardust

With a name that includes ‘Stardust’ it is almost impossible to not want to get involved with this brand. This Bristol-based brand give 10% of net profits to environmental charities and bodies while promoting the tag #glitterwithoutthelitter. Fairy vibes while saving the environment all by switching to eco glitter? Yes please!

Eco Glitter Fun

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The title doesn’t lie – you can have fun with glitter and be eco-minded. This brand provides your fix in re-usable little tubs and jars to maximise the environmental influence. With a range of styles, colours and glitter flake sizes, this vegan friendly brand is proving that micro-plastics aren’t the only way to have fun with glitter. It’s time to change your mindset: don’t think glitter, think eco glitter.

Festival Glitter

Biodegradable Pink, Gold & Silver Festival Glitter (Metallic Chunky Glitter Mix) - BioCandy Shop

Just one click on this site will spin you in to a “what do I want?!” frenzy. This brand has a dedicated section to biodegradable glitter (because hey, every little helps) with a festival-focus, proving chunky, fine, iridescent, two tone and even three tone can be perfect too. Their biodegradable range is made from plant cellulose, namely sustainably sourced Eucalyptus trees.

These are only three brands working towards an eco-ethos for glitter. There are so many more brands that need you to help them help the environment! Are you ready to switch up your glitter routine this summer?

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