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Epsom Salts Magnesium Boosting Advantages


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Chances are that you have suffered from some or all of the following: a hangover, jet lag, skin irritations, stress and loss of energy.  These conditions can cause our body to feel out of sorts and can lead to other complications.  However no need to panic as there is something which can combat all of these conditions plus more! The answer – Epsom salts.


You may actually have heard of Epsom salts by word of mouth from older members of your family as it has been around and recommended for hundreds of years. So what are Epsom salts exactly?  They are a mineral compound of magnesium and sulphate which can be found in local health shops or even supermarkets at a very affordable price.


The name ‘Epsom salts’ is derived from a saline spring in Surrey where the compound was originally distilled from water. Today the salts are predominantly prepared by mining operations.  It consists of small colourless crystals and resembles table salt however the ingredients are very different.


epsom salts


So who requires Epsom salts then?

The use of these salts would probably be of great benefit to anyone as the properties are wide and varied however people suffering from ‘hypomagnesemia’ benefit in particular.  This term describes someone suffering from a deficiency in magnesium and it is more common than we may think.


A deficiency in magnesium is linked to many conditions and illnesses including heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis and mental illness. By boosting the levels of magnesium entering the body such ailments can be avoided.

How are Epson salts used?  

A simple soak in the bath tub with the salts added allow the magnesium to get into the body through the skin.


epsom salts


The importance of magnesium cannot be overestimated – it regulates over three hundred enzymes in the body and plays a crucial part in other bodily functions including muscle control, electrical impulses and energy production.  It is also involved in eliminating harmful toxins from the body.


So if you are like most people you probably consume less magnesium than the recommended daily allowance and one of the most effective ways to increase it is through Epson salts.  These salts can be taken orally too and it is suggested that dissolving one dose on eight ounces of water is optimal.  The mixture should be stirred and drank right away.


epsom salts


To gain the full effects of these brilliant salts relaxing in the bath is the preferable method of absorbing the magnesium. As well as busting stress it relieves pain from muscles cramps and reduces inflammation. The uses of Epsom salts are diverse but let us consider beauty:


As well as an easy prepared home ‘spa’ we can use the salts to make a facial scrub which deeply cleanses and moisturises the skin.  All that is required is to add a few doses to your regular cleanser and mix.  It is important that throughout all treatment with Epson salts that you keep hydrated before, during and after by drinking plenty of water.  


The salts make a fantastic weekly hair treatment – it actually helps the scalp from producing any excess oil.  Not only that but it makes a great leave in conditioner and adds volume and stops the hair feeling weighed down.  Two table spoons of the salts added to two spoons of your regular conditioner left in for ten to twenty minutes should do the trick!


There is something called a ‘heavy metal detox’ which involves a process named reverse osmosis.  It is necessary to soak for forty minutes to allow the detox to take place – harmful toxins are actually pulled out of the body.


One of the most important and fragile parts of the body are our eyes and many problems can arise with them such as conjunctivitis or styes. Using Epson salts either as an eye bath or applying them to a wash cloth can be very effective against these conditions.


epsom salts


Have you ever worried about the increase of diabetes type 2? If you have you certainly are not the only one concerned about this condition.  The magnesium and sulphate found in the salts are actually linked to a reduced risk of developing diabetes as it helps to improve the body’s natural ability to use and produce insulin.


How many of us reach for that caffeine fix when feeling a bit tired or groggy? Some times this is not really the answer as it can leave us feeling jittery or even restless.  If you try Epsom salts as an alternative you may get a pleasant surprise – they can leave you feeling revived, alert and ready to face another challenging day!


Other ailments that the salts have proven to be effective against include sunburn, removing splinters and insomnia. The salts can be a very useful cleaning solution for household chores.  


It is important to follow the instructions for usage on the package but it is hard to imagine any adverse effects.  It appears that the magnesium and sulfate found in Epsom salts works incredibly well for so many health factors, so whether you bath in it or consume it orally, be prepared to feel uplifted, zen and renewed.  


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