It’s almost as if autumn sneaked out of the back door because I feel like it’s been freezing cold since September!  The nights are getting longer and that means layering up.  I must have been a cat in a previous life because when the weather gets like this nine times out of ten you’ll find huddling up to any available heat source.  During outdoor shoots last year I resorted to stuffing heat packets into my pockets in a bid to keep warm.  I’ve also got some rather fetching (not) thermal leggings – although I’ve misjudged the temperature twice so far which has resulted in a rather uncomfortable and sweaty tube journey – but hey – what can you do.  Anyway this brings me onto the Uniqlo party, which, was held to launch HEATTECH – their brand of lightweight heat generating clothing.  What more needs to be said – do to www.uniqlo.com/uk to check out the full range.


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