Behind the Most Exclusive Wellness Club in Mayfair

After a haphazard train journey and a bustle to zoom my way down Regent’s Street, I arrived at the historical building of 3 St James’s Square. Upon entering and catching my breath, I was immediately greeted by a member of staff who knew my name. This immediate personalisation is a mere sprinkle to this private members wellness club which boasts the most advanced technologies in the world.

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“It’s built around a journey”, the CEO Mark Chambers informs me as he greets me in the lounge. I had already received my dairy-free latte from the bar and easily sunk into the plush furnishings.

With a tour underway, I marvelled as though I was Charlie inside a Willy Wonka factory for well-being. Everything placed as state-of-the-art.

Glass ceilings, ceilings floor to window; the light pours the rooms with spaciousness and a feeling of freedom, as though you can walk anywhere and not be disturbed.

wellness club

Only a maximum of a thousand privileged people will consider themselves a wellness club member, with an expectation of 50-75 members per day.

All the team inside are made aware immediately of your presence. When you’re about to indulge in relaxation, your therapist will be one-step ahead waiting. If you’re about to go down to the gym, a professional concierge will be there with your gym kit if you chose for it to be laundered. No waiting and no hassle; gone are the instances of someone using the facilities that you are wanting.

In addition to the lounge, gym and bar area – a concoction of alcoholic beverages, healthy drinks and every caffeine order your brain can muster, are features such as a golf stimulator, meditation dome, quiet room, beauty rooms and a sauna.

For a private members wellness club in Mayfair, bespoke fittings naturally embellish. From the sauna which has the only glass ceiling, to the lockers which have more room to stop you from squishing your items.

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During my too-short stay, I tried their unprecedented, advanced technology. It began with the 3dYu bodyscan. A hundred SLR cameras are built into the scanner which gives you a 360 degree image of yourself.

Every 6 weeks or so, members will be able to securely receive an update on their progress. Measuring tapes, scales and personal analysis in a mirror can leave us often unsure of our physical changes. Thus causing a lack of motivation if we cannot notice results. The bodyscan however, will tell you exactly what you have achieved and where you should focus your targets.

Although some members are daunted at the reality of viewing such an accurate – non posed look of themselves, Mark assures me that they soon come around once they uncover the scanners potential in keeping them in line with their improvements.

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After my scan, I proceeded with a DNA test. DNAfit – the company behind the testing, help to “identify an individual’s genetic predisposition for sporting or fitness profiles, ideal diet type and personal nutrition needs based entirely on genetics”.

To create a full profile both internally and externally, all new members are offered the opportunity to participate in both the scanner and DNA test.

My final stop existed upstairs in the Somadome room. This meditation dome offers a calming solution when our busy lives get the better of us.

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Using “traditional color theory with scientifically-tested binaural beat technology and proprietary energy-healing microcrystalline tiles, the 20-minute curated sessions offer a unique, restorative experience”.

You have the choice of choosing your desired mental clarity and I opted for creativity. The dome itself provides the feeling of infinite space which was highly beneficial as someone who has potential to sense claustrophobia.

While inside, I listened to relaxing music and watched varying colours appear. Unfortunately, I didn’t meditate and my creativity remained in its tangled waves. My mind most-likely too preoccupied on tasks that lay ahead.

However, given time and repetition, I do believe that results could show.

3 St James’s Square as a private members wellness club, summarises the solutions to our daily despair. Meticulously crafted for convenience, luxury and ease, you’re well-being cannot be anymore looked after.

Membership packages start at £2,500 for overseas with  £4,000 per year for annual.


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