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FaceGym Pro

Price: £399.00
Stockists: facegym.com, Selfridges & Harrods
They say: You wouldn’t think twice about booking a Barre or Pilates class to tone your body, so why think differently about the face? This twist on a facial is geared towards the 40+ muscles from the neck up and the results are serious. The ultimate natural face lift that uses vigorous knuckling movements and high energy whipping strokes to stimulate blood circulations, collagen production and cell renewal to lift, tone and tighten the face.

We say: This week reviewed the FaceGym Pro facial toning device. FaceGym is a non-invasive facial workout which promises to exercise the muscles in your face and jawline, and by doing so toning it, without having to book in for lunch-time plasti at Harley Street.

FaceGym set up shop first at Selfridges and more recently on the Kings Road in Chelsea and aside from being a one stop shop for all facial pilates or TRX, it has a range of take home products which you can use at your own leisure.




One of their products is FaceGym Pro retailing at a whooping £399.00. After having an initial session to actually find out what FaceGym is, getting a Pro device to take home seemed natural. The device is like a personal trainer for your face and its technology has been advanced to suit any skin type.

FaceGym Pro has three settings and it is advised to increase the current as you move through your 10 minute daily session – five minutes on each side. The trick is to use the device as if you would a contouring brush and highlight the areas you would when contouring. Upwards motions from the jaw like to the top of the cheekbone, along the jawline towards ears and along the eyelid are the recommended work outs.

The tiny electric currents sent around your face whilst performing the exercises are believed to tone your face without any invasive procedures or a use of a good man up artist. One must use either a FaceGym Pro activator gel, serum or water for the ‘electricity’ to react with the skin and actually send the current through.

The FaceGym Pro package includes the device itself, 100ml activator gel, UK adaptor, USB cable and User manual. You can purchase a FaceGym neoprene case to keep your face-friend safe either at home or for travelling.


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FaceGym Pro, £399.00 (each) FACEGYM at harrods.com


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