Fashion Essentials to Pack on Your Next Holiday

When you’re jetting off on holiday, it’s crucial to ensure you’re packing the right type of clothing. While you’ll want to ensure you have an outfit to cover all types of weather and occasions, unless you want to pay a fortune in additional luggage charges, you’ll need to pack light. 

So, how can you pack light and ensure you have all of the clothes you need for your holiday? Here, you’ll discover some of the key fashion essentials to pack on your next break away. 


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An all-weather jacket

Even if the place you’re heading to usually has exceptional weather, you’ll still want to pack an all-weather jacket. As many holidaymakers have found out the hard way, rain and storms can hit even the most tropical of destinations. So, it’s always best to be prepared. Aim for a light jacket which can be worn on colder evenings, as well as during rainy weather. It’s unlikely you’ll need a thick, heavy jacket unless you’re planning on heading somewhere snowy. 

A stylish bag

One of the key challenges you’ll face on holiday is having somewhere to store all of your belongings. You’ll need a large bag that’s going to comfortably store everything you need. A backpack is a great choice as it will fit a large number of items and it’s also easy to carry around. You can pick up some really stylish backpacks too when you shop through a company such as Radley London.

Another benefit is that you can use the backpack to store more hand luggage, potentially saving on luggage fees.  


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A maxi dress

If there’s one piece of clothing that’s perfect for holidays, it’s the maxi dress. Long, light and floaty, these dresses are especially ideal for beach holidays. They come in a huge range of designs, guaranteeing there will be something to suit you. They’re also easy to throw on and extremely comfortable to wear.

A kimono

Another fashion essential for holidays is the kimono. Ideally, you’ll want to pack two of these; one for during the day and a slightly fancier one for evening wear. The great thing about kimonos is that they can be worn for multiple occasions. They’re just as great for wearing to the beach over your bikini or swimsuit, as they are for wearing over an evening top for a nice romantic meal. 

These are the main fashion essentials you’ll want to invest in. When thinking about the type of outfits to pack, the key is to choose items which layer up well together. You’ll want to pack as few clothes as possible so it’s crucial to be clever when selecting your holiday outfits. 

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