Wellness Gifts for a Fitness Junkie

When a box of chocolates won’t go down a treat with a fitness junkie on Christmas day, you’ve got to think outside the box! We’ve compiled a list of must-haves for him and her.


A timeless gift (see what we did there), it’s hard to go wrong with a fitness watch. What fitness junkie wouldn’t be interested in knowing their steps, heart rate and calories burned in a day? Fitbit is a big player in this department – their technology is constantly developing and they are sleek in design.

www.fitbit.com prices start at £69


Health enthusiasts are usually the last to admit that they need some TLC.  Show them some love with a deep tissue or relaxation massage.They’ll love you for it! Opulence Spa is a standout -conveniently located in the heart of London. They offer quality Thai massage treatments to ease aches and pains.

www.opulencehealthclub.net prices start at £29


Yoga mat and strap

A fitness junkie might need some more yin in their yang. Give them the tools to stretch it out, or take to the studio with a quality yoga mat and strap, (although it may end up getting used for ab exercises – at least we tried!).

www.lululemon.co.uk prices start at £38


Wireless headphones

If you love a sweat session, you will know how important good beats are to get you going, and how annoying cords can be during a workout. Powerbeats are a good shout – they are no fuss, have incredible sound and stay put no matter how intense a workout is.



Natural light box

It’s easy to forget just how much sunlight we miss out on during the winter months, so spread light this Christmas. Although it’s artificial, this light box mimics UV rays, giving someone the Vitamin D they need. It’s perfect for travel and best of all, it’s budget friendly.


Fitness Junkie


As a fitness junkie is always on the go and really into their food! Nutri Bullets are no fuss, easy to use and can be for more than just making smoothies! Portable containers means that they can take their shake to the gym or work, which makes being on the go even easier.



Only the best foam roller out there

We all know that we need to do it, but find excuses not. Having one of these bad boys in the house makes it harder to find excuses. The TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller comes in a range of different colours – including hot pink.



Speed Rope

Up the ante and gift them a quality speed rope so that they can train at home or take to the gym. We vote an adjustable is best.



S’well bottle

A hydration accessory that not only looks good but is practical too. Keep liquid cold or hot for up to 12 hours in this durable bottle. Make it personal with the option of printed initials which is available on the website.

www.swellbottle.com Prices start at £25


GoProHERO Session

Pics or it didn’t happen right? Allow him to record every adrenaline-pumping adventure, from surfing, trail running, snowboarding and everything in between. The camera is waterproof and durable meaning it can withstand any conditions he puts it through.


www.amazon.com Prices start £244.95


Prices to our knowledge are correct from the time of publishing. We take no responsibility for any incorrections.

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Sam Whittle
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