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By the sheer (ahem) volume of products and advice available I know I am not alone on my quest for (as close as I can get to) perfect skin, and clean skin is big news for S/S17. The idea is to be as close to make up free as you can so you’re looking for a product that works hard to even out skin tone and promote the glow of health, highlighting the beauty within rather than smothering it.


Achieving this holy grail of beauty goals requires significant investment and not just of the monetary kind. Our skin is a reflection of our general health, so the first step to getting clear skin is through our diet – the first rule being DRINK WATER. Loads of it. We know this but so often neglect to act on it. You WILL notice a difference if you do. If you can bolster this with a regular sauna you will be well on your way.


Cleanse and moisturise. Religiously. It may be controversial but IMO you can’t beat good old coconut oil and a warm damp cloth for wonderfully clean, soft skin. The perfect canvas.
Staying away from processed foods, sugar, booze, fags and the consumption of animal products will give you a massive head start but in reality, the crowns of even the most righteously healthy beauty queens slip occasionally. And when they do, these are the products they turn to to help keep face.


 The Ordinary Serum Foundation, £5.70 Deciem

I am already a massive fan of this new skincare collection. With 21 Serum Foundation shades to choose from including 3 with added metallic pigment for extra glow, it’s cruelty free, vegan & alcohol free, offers SPF15  and is a total steal too.. Get involved!



Tinted Moisturiser Eclat Prodigieux®, £17.50 Nuxe

Blending with your natural skin tone this wonder cream will even, hydrate and protect the skin. It uses mineral pigments, frangipane blossom and tusty skincare favourite Hyalurunic Acid to give your skin an immediate healthy glow.



Sheer Glow Foundation, £32.00 Nars

A cult classic Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is already a leader in the flawless ‘no make up make up’ skin field. It leaves skin hydrated, luminous, softer and smoother as well as protecting against damaging environmental free radicals.



Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base, £27.50 CLARINS at

With it’s new High-Lumitec Complex this base, available in three corrective colours (‘Rose’ to brighten all complexions, ‘Champagne’ to correct redness and ‘Peach’ to restore lustre) will render your skin brightened, naturally luminous, vital, fresh and supple. BOOM!



Aqua Glow Serum Foundation, 34.50 STILA at

Aqua glow serum foundation’s featherlight water based formula blurs the visibility of lines and promises to restore the look of skin for a youthful luminous effect. Just the ticket!

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Victoria Ellis
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