Get The Look: Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is the queen of seemingly effortlessly chic outfits that look like they have just been thrown on, when in reality, they have probably been meticulously planned weeks ahead. She put on a summery display as she left her New York hotel on Thursday 8th December which saw her swap her usual monochromatic pallet for some early spring colours. While the pinks striped shirt and pleated skirt were a far cry from Victoria’s usual choices, she retained her classic low rider hip and shoulder-bag-as-clutch bag style. While a head-to-toe pink spring time outfit might be a bit too much and far too early for most of us, these picks mean you can recreate Victoria’s look with a night-time edge. Why not try draping a chic coat over your shoulders to be a little more in keeping with the seasons, as most of us have to brave the colder for a little bit long than the walk from hotel to blacked-out SUV!




Get The Look:



Satin bubble shirt, £30.00 Topshop

Metallic fine pleated kirt, £39.99 Zara

Leather crossbody bag with chain, £59.99 Zara

Porter ruffle heels, £35.00 ASOS


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