Green tea. Is it really worth all the fuss?

Is Tetley’s or Nescafe your usual beverage of choice in the morning?  We can so relate to that.  It’s easy to prepare, relatively cheap and gives us that boost we desperately need. The afternoon slump? I am with you on that one too.  That feeling of fatigue that just creeps right up when concentration is required the most. Here at i the stylist we are considering other options for you…


green tea


Would an alternative drink which regulates the caffeine in your body and tastes rather good tempt you?  Many consumers would probably opt for this choice we think and here is why.  Green tea is different and special.  And no. It’s not just for people that are into health fads.  Trust us  – it tastes much better than it looks.  Although made from the same leaf as black tea, that is our regular brew, it has undergone a completely different process.


Green tea vs black tea

So what difference does this special process make?  Well, our usual cuppa goes through oxidation.  Green tea on the other hand does not and instead is subject to pan firing and heated in a basket.  What this means is that it retains many natural properties which are destroyed in other teas.


So who are the geniuses who discovered this amazing drink?  The Chinese of course and they swear by it claiming it gives a solution to the following: headaches, reducing body temperature, aiding digestion and boosting alertness. The drink was taken, and you can see why, to other parts of the world for others to experience these wonderful properties.  The European explorers who brought the tea back home were received very warmly by the Royal courts. There was a hitch though – black tea had a longer shelf life and so was more widespread. The reason for the short life span of green tea is because the leaves are picked by hand in early spring. Therefore it’s recommended that green tea is optimal if drunk within eight months of being picked.


Okay let us consider dates.  We have the shelf life convenience with black tea whilst green tea needs to be used up much quicker in comparison.  But that aside, should we still opt for it? We would need to have some pretty good reasons. And, reasons we have – so listen up…


Green tea hacks

Like us you probably floss, brush your teeth twice a day and use mouthwash in a bid to banish (amongst other things) unpleasant breathe.  So before you stuff your mouth with extra strong mints in the workplace turn towards green tea for some help. Why? Because, it contains a natural antibiotic which contributes towards a healthy mouth.  The antibiotic actually kills the harmful bacteria which can result in decay and other problems. So no need to hide that winning smile!




Like many of us you are likely to worry about weight.  Are you overweight or could you do with losing a few of those extra pounds? Again, this is where green tea comes in.  It speeds up our metabolism and allows the body to burn fat in a more efficient way. So, no more fad diets please as it could simply just be a matter of putting the kettle on and banging out a few reps in the front room. Yes – you don’t need to give up just yet on that designer dress you struggle to zip up!


A way to compliment that drop dead gorgeous dress is by having radiant skin.  Green tea combats harmful free radicals which alter our skin cells and make us age faster  The special ingredient is polyphenols and this can compete with any new miracle face cream.


“Green tea can compete with any new miracle face cream.”


Wait! It gets better.  Have you ever had that moment in the office when concentration wanders or you could quite frankly do with a nap?  Turn to the kettle and get that green tea bag into a cup and you will experience something quite remarkable – it increases concentration, memory, mood and even reaction time.


green tea


Next time you’re heading to the supermarket, have a look at brands such as Gunpowder and Dragonwell which is considered to be of high quality.  If like us you fancy a rapid cuppa then opt for the tea bag variety.  Clipper don’t bleach their teabags which gives a milder taste. Or,  Twinings  who have some interetsing flavours such as ‘Cherry Bakewell Green Tea’ and ‘Mango and Lychee Green Tea’.  


We are often told that too much caffeine is harmful for us and this is true as it can cause jitters and rapid heartbeat. By replacing your coffee with green tea you will reduce caffeine intake by about 70%. Yes a huge amount.  The exact amounts of caffeine contained in green tea will vary depending on the type and amount you drink.  For those wishing to change over, Lipton green tea bags contain a moderate amount of caffeine and this could be a good place to start.


A few tips

Green tea can be quite acidic but squeezing some lemon into a cup will neutralize it. Do not boil the kettle completely as this will reduce the level of nutrients.  So we are on our way to feeling serene, uplifted, and radiant. It is a wonder there are any packets of green tea left on the shelf.

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