Hannah Potter Shares Her Secrets on How to Achieve the Business and Life You Want

The billion dollar self-help industry is testament to the fact that we in the West are always in search of one thing or the other. For millions it’s something as monumental as a life purpose or enlightenment. For others it’s a bit more tangible like a better paying job and career prospects. Regardless if you are a sceptic or not what harm can come from having (and maintaining) a positive mind? Can routinely envisioning the life you want, bring it into fruition? Well, businesswoman and founder of Clinic Creators, Hannah Potter thinks so and not only follows the Law of Attraction but also encourages her clients to as well. Potter believes that you attract success and currently works a business transformation specialist. With clients in the UK and abroad the industries she covers so far include plastic surgery, aesthetics, medical, and the health and beauty industry. We caught up with the entrepreneur to find out one can further develop one’s career by incorporating the Law of Attraction into everyday life…


Hannah Potter


i the stylist: Prior to starting Clinic Creators what was your work background?

Hannah Potter: I originally started out as a professional actress in my early 20’s when I returned from travelling and working in Australia, Asia and the USA. I did some great acting jobs, working alongside some fabulous people. I worked in business development part time around acting and this is where I discovered my love and passion for business and creating opportunities and I decided that being able to create my own opportunities was more appealing than waiting for them with acting. I’ve worked across marketing, business development and transformation for the last 14 years and have specialised in the medical, health and beauty industry since 2007 and I absolutely love what I do.


What inspired you to start the consultancy?

I’ve always been a strong-minded free spirit and I am a great believer that we will only ever truly get the life we want if we are in the driving seat. There was always a ceiling in the employed roles I did and I was constantly seeing other areas that weren’t right with the overall business and structure and wanted to be able to impact on those areas too. The final push for me came when in my last employment, the general manager told me that I and the other staff would only be receiving a 1% pay rise, despite me turning their business around and transforming it, so I decided that I would give myself my own pay rise and set up in business being my own boss. From leaving that role and setting up my consultancy, I tripled my income in the 1st quarter!


Before you begin working with a client. What are the first things you do to make sure the transformation goes to plan?

Ensuring that a solid business plan and strategy is in place. It’s incredible how many people still go into business without this, only to run into trouble later on once it is too late and money has been invested and spent. Breaking a strategy down into monthly objectives provides transparency for the client and also manages expectations. It’s also incredibly satisfying for them and me to see these being completed.


Hannah Potter


A lot of entrepreneurs are extremely motivated. What’s your motivation?

I have so many motivations, but probably the most important are good health and emotional wellbeing, time to enjoy life with family, friends and my dogs and being able to be financially free, travel the world and to have only positive relationships with clients. Having your own business allows you to choose who and what you want in your life.


You follow the Law of Attraction. What was the breakthrough moment for you; that led to you realising the power within?

I’ve always been a very positive, outgoing person and it was when I read the book ‘The Secret’ that I realised that I had, without realising, been implementing many of the life principles that the book teaches since childhood and it only reinforced and strengthened the belief for me that we are magnets and that whatever we put out, we attract back. Life monumentally changes when you realise that you and only you are responsible for your thoughts, actions and how you chose to feel about things and at any time, you can change your life. Every day provides you with this opportunity to start a fresh.


What does success look like to you? 

Success is not a destination, it is a journey that takes you in the direction that you want to go in order to obtain the things that you want to achieve in your life, which could be to get a qualification, to go to a holiday hotspot or create a multi million pound business. In most cases, it’s not someone’s education or background that makes them successful, it is their state of mind and determination to achieve the things they want to accomplish. If you look at some of the most famous entrepreneurs, most of them grew up with very little and limited education, but what they did have was a burning desire to succeed and take action.

I fundamentally believe that we attract success because of who we are and how we behave. We can’t buy it, steal it or pretend we have it. In my opinion, truth, integrity, kindness and empathy are important qualities, which influence every decision we make and the directions we take.


Hannah Potter


A lot of your clients are in the Health, Medical and Wellness industry so spirituality and positivity is something that they are more open to. When was the last time that you were faced with a client that was close-minded about the concept? And, how did you overcome it?

Sadly, some people will always be negative and cynical. I’ve tried to help these people before in business and realised that they are their own worst enemy, stopping the growth and success of their business. They have goals and aspirations, but their daily actions, words and habits take them in the opposite direction. Also, like attracts like and these people end up having similar characters around them, further impeding on their success. Now I chose not to work with these characters and instead focus solely on people who don’t have ‘stinking thinking’ and who are able to grow and progress.


What’s the ONE piece of advice you wish you’d had before you started your business?

Don’t spend time, effort and commitment with timewasters and particularly the people who don’t want to help themselves. The world is a big place with endless opportunities and a sea of incredible people. Our time is precious and valuable, so don’t listen to the naysayers who tell you things can’t be done. Have self belief and remember that it’s your life no one else’s, so make it the best possible version of life that you want it to be. It’s not a dress rehearsal.


Hannah Potter’s 6 steps to success

  • Keep a vision/dream board. It’s truly incredible what has come true from mine;
  • Know what income you are aiming for that year and whether you are on track;
  • Always be thinking about and developing new opportunities and networking with people;
  • Give yourself and loved ones rewards following achieved milestones;
  • Give your all to projects, but take time out when you want and need too, regardless of this being during the week or weekends;
  • Positive thinking and positive talk. Only work with people that you want to work with and avoid people who just want to offload their stress and issues.


4 daily habits for developing a positive mind

  • Get out in nature at least once a week – even if you can walk home through the park – take the time to look at everything in detail and reflect on how it all just happens to be here in its glory – this reminds us that stress is man made and to not let things get to us so much;
  • The app ‘Headspace’ has some fab exercises and some that only take a minute of your time to deep breath and relax – this is so good to do before or after a meeting and first thing in the morning and last at night. Andrew Johnson’s ‘Deep Sleep’ app is a fantastic ritual to send you into a deep and peaceful sleep, no matter what the day has thrown at you;
  • Make a vision board of all the things you want to achieve and feel and look at it every day, feeling good thoughts when you do;
  • Write down some positive affirmations and dot them around your home in prominent places and read them out loud each time you see them. Women can really talk themselves down in life so even if you don’t believe what you are saying at first, practice these daily and you will notice a shift in the first week.



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