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Christmas gifts all sorted

Hands up all those that regift presents!  It is an accepted thing now. In years gone by, you sucked it up and wore the awful cardigan or stoically used the peach bath salts.  No more.  As soon as the stores open we are returning the returnable and stocking our own ‘present drawer’ for future occasions.  I pity the person that gets the coffee bean chocolates three months down the line…


Most stores offer a gift receipt and fully expect to spend the next few days after Christmas wrangling returns.  A better way to give a gift that the person will be delighted with is by giving a voucher or gift token which can seem lazy and impersonal. But, seriously it’s not!  This shows that you truly want the person to pick what they really want and not inflict your (obviously impeccable) taste on them.


We all have enough ‘things’.  Our homes are lovely and we can barely find space for all the clutter as it is. If you know exactly what the person wants then fabulous.  But what to give someone who wants for nothing?  This is where a gift voucher comes in.  New places to buy gift vouchers that will please the recipient include spas and clinics that offer treatments that actually do more than just pamper.  I love a good pamper but would prefer to do something about the underlying conditions of my skin rather than just leave looking ‘glowing’ for a few hours.


How about giving the gift of a rejuvenated skin for a tired mother?

Or less lines and wrinkles for someone spending time ‘pulling’ their face back in the mirror?  Reduced acne for a worried teenager will seem like the gift of a lifetime and a flatter stomach for someone who is unable to shift those last few pounds will bring confidence and peace of mind at last.  Or, any one of the new treatments that allow us to look the best we can without resorting to surgery.  That all sounds wonderful and I know just the place!


health + aesthetics review


The health + aesthetics skin face body and laser clinic in Farnham.  Discreet and tucked away this gem is literally a gift in itself.  No need to be held to ransom by expensive London clinics when Farnham is only 34 miles away. Which, is about 90 minutes on the train if you start in Central London.  And, Farnham has fantastic shops, restaurants and a picture postcard high street so make a day of it.

The clinic was started by Dr. Rekha Tailor who is supremely qualified, with 27 years as a Medical Practitioner and 10 years as an Aesthetic Practitioner. Dr Tailor has the most wonderful approach and ethos as the many awards the clinic has won, show.

There is no reason to be nervous at any step of the way from entering the clinic to the treatments that you and your practitioner  (after an in-depth analysis), decide are the best for you.  The actual building is fabulous.  It’s well appointed with light flooding in and the most relaxing of colour schemes. The atmosphere is one of clean clear tranquillity and a sense of relief that you are going to be in the best of hands.  There is not a hint of a hard sell or pushing of a treatment that is not right for you.


health + aesthetics review


Each treatment is tailored to suit your requirements and budget.  Dr Tailor and the other skilled practitioners start by assessing your needs and develop a plan that will see you leaving with outstandingly natural looking results.  Treatments for the face include wrinkle relaxing injections commonly known as Botox.   The face is split into areas so you can tackle just the bits that worry you and not mess with the bits you like!  The results can last three or four months and sometimes even longer if done regularly.

Dermal fillers can be used to smooth out lines and restore plumpness.  Sadly, as we age those lovely bouncy cheeks can become flatter and even sunken.  Yes, it happened to me so I know what I am talking about.  Again, you can choose which areas to fill from just a tiny line to a larger wrinkle or crevice!  Your practitioner will use her skill and experience to guide you.   Other face treatments include Skin Rejuvenation, Thread Lifting, Ultherapy, Dermapen and Plexr which is a non surgical treatment using a plasma beam to remove excess skin, skin lesions or reduce lines and wrinkles by tissue sublimation.  This is amazing for sagging eyelids which can make us look tired and much older than we are. Please go the website – – to take in all the science behind the scenes as it is fascinating.

Hydrafacials are a popular treatment that noticeably improve the appearance and hydration of the skin leaving it bright clear and youthful with no discomfort or down time at all so you leave looking like you have had a normal facial but this is far from normal.  Hydrafacial simultaneously combines lymphatic drainage, deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, infusion, hydration anti oxidant protection and LED light therapy.  Golly, how fabulous is that?


health + aesthetics review


What is more you can use the same treatment to improve fine lines wrinkles, oily and acne prone skin and hyper-pigmentation if you choose a series of 6 treatments  and go back once a week.   I chose to have the Clearlift Laser Facelift and was very excited in anticipation of the treatment and the results.  Clearlift targets fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, puffy eyes, large pores and prevents some signs of ageing. Marvellous! Hannah, who was delightful and knowledgeable, was my practitioner. Her analysis of my skin was surprising when she told me my skin was sensitive.  I had recently been using products for super dry problems.  Your skin changes during the year and during the passing years so it’s worth checking the health of your skin regularly!  Basically, my skin was terrified of what I was going to throw at it next.  I took the 6-week trial of the ZO Skin Health products by Dr Obagi.  This range brings the skin back to ground zero. Again. go to the website for all the pertinent details or ring the salon and have a chat.


The Clearlift  treatment took about 30 minutes and came after just as long of chatting about what I needed and the procedure.  I did not feel rushed at any point.  After both of us donned protective goggles, Hannah passed the laser over my skin in small movements.  The laser emits powerful bursts of light that go deep into the skin.  The laser heat created a controlled dermal wound which in turn plumps up collagen and tightens the skin.  It does this without leaving a sign on the surface.  I did not experience any discomfort and was not at all red, so, could go straight out without applying cover up makeup.


Three weeks on…

After three weeks I could see that the lines around my mouth were less pinched  and the surface of my skin is smoother and less tired looking.  I returned for another treatment four weeks later.  Bianca was my practitioner this time and was just as experienced and calming so no worries about not having the same person each time at all.  When I saw the updated photos of what lies beneath my skin I was amazed.  The improvement to the pigmentation was outstanding as was the amount of bacteria that had disappeared.  The combination of using the ZO Skin Health products and the Clearlift treatment was a success that I had not even dreamed about.  When people ask you if you have been away or say how well you are looking then you know you have the natural results you wanted.  I look forward to another few treatments to complete my rejuvenation.

Now, all I have to do is get the word out that all I want for Christmas is a gift certificate for the health + aesthetics skin face body and laser clinic!

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