Summer holiday looming? Check out our space saving packing hacks

Holiday suitcase packing tips

Holiday season is upon us and whether we decide to stay in the UK or venture abroad we will need to give some serious consideration to our packing. They say there is a fine art to packing – it is not just a matter of sticking your favourite items in a case and hoping for the best. The following tips will enable you to fill your holiday suitcase with ease and take the stress out of packing.




It will be tempting to leave the packing until the last minute however this is not the best idea as you will end up with unwanted laundry tasks and damp clothing or your least favourite outfits.  Open your case and gradually fill it from at least five days before allowing yourself some time to choose outfits and make sure they are clean.


Which suitcase to choose?

Does the type of suitcase you choose matter? Yes it does indeed and not just from a style point of view but also weight.  It is best to select a non-fancy, lightweight case which is easily recognisable. A top designer suitcase although very chic may attract unwanted attention and increase the likelihood of theft. This does not mean you must choose the most unattractive suitcase in the shop but that you must remember it is what is inside the case which counts the most.


You can also add ribbons or coloured shoe laces to the handle of your suitcase to make it instantly recognisable to you. A light suitcase is a smart purchase as it will allow more weight for those all- important outfits. By selecting a light suitcase, from Ikea for example, you can probably manage to bring those fancy heels you have not had the opportunity to wear yet.


Source: Net A Porter


Now that the actual suitcase is sorted let’s move on to the next essential item – the list! It is a good idea to list items in order of priority with the passport, insurance details and tickets being at the top.  The rest although important will not stop us from reaching our destination.  


Before writing our list there is a little bit of research to carry out – checking the weather forecast and finding out what items the hotel may provide.  For example nowadays many hotels are supplying hair dryers and omitting this from your suitcase will make room for something else.  The weather may not be what you expect so a diverse range of clothing may be necessary. Don’t forget the lightweight rain coat.


So now that your case selection, list and research has been carried out what next?  Well now it is the actual packing and this can be very straight forward if done properly. It is tempting to fold clothes however this uses lots of space, they key then is ‘rolling’ your clothes. Then placing the rolled items in vacuum bags.  This is a clever solution as it takes the creases out of your garments and saves tons of room.


Choosing which clothes to take need not be a complex matter.  Lay all you would like to take then sort them out by colour, practicality and preference. If you take clothes of similar shades it is easy to mix and match and create new outfits. Put those jeans to the side that you haven’t worn in the last two years as it highly likely that they won’t get a look in.  Are you surrounded by cobbled pavements at the destination?  Chances are your heels may do you an injury and fancy flip flops or soft shoes may be a better option.



Space saving hacks

So once you have your favourite items of clothing packed in the vacuum bags think of how to use the rest of the space.  Placing socks or small items inside shoes spares some space. A practical tip for shoes is using those unused shower caps from the last hotel you visited to place around the soles as this help prevent stains. It is also useful to pack light coloured items inside out.


When it comes to make up and beauty products this can be a difficult one as we all have our favourite brands for our skin and hair types which we may not find where we are going.  If possible purchase at the airport or destination. Many shops stock mini products and these are ideal for travelling.  If however, you decide to bring your favourite shampoos and conditioners it is advisable to buy types with a foil seal at the lid.  But, if it does not have that then you can add some tin foil which will stop any leakage. There’s nothing worse than opening your suitcase to find your items covered in coconut shampoo.  For compressed powder you can place a cotton wool disc between the lid and the powder to avoid cracking.  


Source: The Body Shop


Other additional items which may be useful include ear plugs, eyes masks and some light accessories.  Remember to check weight allowance as this can differ depending on the airline. Lastly – try to go ‘au natural’ when it comes to make up and develop an even tan.  Pack well and have a fab holiday!      

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