How Social Media Can Help Get Your Business Off the Ground

Social media is paramount for all businesses in today’s modern market but particularly crucial for small ventures looking to get their voices heard in a saturated industry. A good search agency will be able to offer expertise with things like social media, PPC and SEO but there are some basic benefits of a strong social strategy that you don’t need professionals to tell you about.


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Brand exposure

One of the best things about social media is its ability to catapult brands into an international market within minutes. Before social platforms existed, reaching an audience on the other side of the world would have cost a business a great deal of time and money – especially for small and medium-sized enterprises that might not have had the same connections and finances as large corporations.

Social media enables you to get your name heard in many different places and amongst a whole plethora of different audiences. For example, simply interacting with somebody on social media who has tens of thousands of followers can get your name in front of tens of thousands of fresh eyes that you wouldn’t have otherwise necessarily been able to tap into. Social media has grown marketing on a gigantic scale making it an absolute must-do for small business owners.


Connect with your audience

You don’t need this blog post to tell you that social media is the best way to build a connection with both existing and potential customers. While email marketing is extremely effective in delivering a message and content marketing is great for providing a constant stream of material for your audience to enjoy, social media has the most potential for personalisation. When it comes to social, you can find yourself having one-to- one conversations with your customers and really getting to grips with the user generated content that will help you better know your demographic.


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Keep a close eye on the competition

Everybody knows that if you want to get ahead in the game, you’ve got to keep a close eye on what your competition are doing. It’s essential to work out what it is they’re doing well and what is it they could improve on so you can mould your own approach and better the user experience of your own brand. Social media is the perfect place to keep a watchful eye out and a great way to inform your market research.

Look out for things like the type of content they’re pushing out (videos, images etc.), which platforms they have the most engagement on, how they interact with their audiences, what time of day/week they’re promoting posts – this is the type of material you will need to know in order to make a success of your own social strategy.


Free promotion

Many of the marketing methods out there can be expensive. Things like advertorial spaces can cut into your budget dramatically. Which is especially significant for small businesses or those trying to get an entrepreneurial venture off the ground. Not only is social media great for the three reasons outlined above, it’s also the perfect way to take advantage of virtually cost-free promotion that will garner effective results when done right.

All of the leading social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.) are all free to use and require no additional costs to run as a successful tool in your overall marketing strategy. While it will cost you nothing to set up and maintain, social media can generate you invaluable return in site traffic, exposure, link clicks and even sales conversions.


With the four factors considered above – just to name a few — you’d be a fool not to get strong social media profiles set up for your business. Once you’ve got the hang of the top mainstream dogs like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach your consumer base, branch out into other platforms such as Google+ and LinkedIn to ensure you’ve got your commercial bases covered too.

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