How to Become a Feminist…in 2018

Feminism is everywhere at the moment. Have you ever thought about how to become a feminist? Although feminism gets a bad rep in the press, feminism is essentially about striving for the equality of women in society.

So before you start rallying up the troops you’ll need to have a dose of self-love first. So, I came up with a list of things that could help unleash the feminist inside you. They’ll  help you become your best feminist self (someone even Gloria Steinem would be jealous of). After reading this article you’ll be ready to take on the patriarchy, let your hair grow wild and start burning your bras (but not that expensive one that you keep for when you need that confidence boost!)

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The Guilty Feminist 

In my opinion, The Guilty Feminist is one of the best podcasts out there. Each week they discuss “topics all 21st-century feminists agree on while confessing their insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that undermine their lofty principles”. The topics are always not only spot on but also hilarious; my personal favourite is the episode with Phoebe Waller-Bridge. They talk about such a diverse range of topics, and most of the time I learn a lot about issues that are happening right now. If you’re looking for something that will educate you and give you food or thought – this is it!

2 Dope Queens

Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are a comedic duo hailing from the U.S. Oh, and they’re also best friends. Their podcast is really funny, and nothing is off the table. Their content covers from romance to race to natural hair journeys and life in New York. The best part is that it was so popular that HBO picked it up last summer for a TV adaptation (which aired in February).  And, because they don’t have enough on their plates, they also host live comedy shows in Brooklyn.



The Second Sex

I can’t write an article about feminism without mentioning Simone De Beauvoir. She was a true pioneer of the feminist movement. You’ve probably heard the phrase “one is not born a woman, but becomes one”, well it’s from her! She didn’t believe in marriage, never had children, and was bisexual. She and Jean-Paul Sartre (her partner) were an iconic couple of the 20th century.  The couple had a pact for life, they had their necessary or essential love which was their main relationship and then contingent love. In other words, they loved each other and promised to always be there for one another, but sometimes they had affairs…

The Power

The Power is a dystopian novel which imagines a world where women have become stronger than men, thanks to electric discharges they can send. As a result, they become more of a threat to men and thus threaten their place in society. It explores the ideas of power and the implications and consequences when one gets granted power.


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Jameela Jamil

After seeing an Instagram post about how much celebrities weigh, Jameela Jamil’s took to her Instagram to vent and created I Weigh — an account to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes. Instead of writing how much they weigh, they write in the form of an Instagram post, the good things about their lives and what they should be grateful for. Women are so much more than their appearance.

Alice Aedy

I’m warning you. Alice Aedy’s Instagram will inspire you to become a reporter, travel the world and help your fellow women. She is a photojournalist and has heavily documented the refugee crisis in Europe. She went to Somaliland to photograph the impacts of climate change there. Her Instagram is filled with stunning pictures from her various humanitarian projects. Her work is truly remarkable and she is one of those people that is making the world a better place. The most impressive thing is she is still only 24 and has already been published in The Guardian, The Times and Suitcase Magazine, to name just a few.

Amika George

Amika George is a force to be reckoned with. At only 18 she started a protest to end period poverty. She created a movement that made it into the papers. She started the #FreePeriods campaign in her bedroom. Children miss school because they can’t afford sanitary products and of course the stigma and shame placed on them have led to many children suffering in silence. The Pink Protest marched on Parliament last December and it worked – in March the government announced that tampon tax funding will go towards ending period poverty for the first time. Truly inspiring.


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TV Shows


If you haven’t check out Glow you’re missing out. It’s a Netflix show set in the 1980s about women who wrestle on national television; the gorgeous girls of wrestling a.k.a. G.L.O.W. The dialogues are filled with feminist gems and it’s a true eye opener to what it’s like to be a woman in the film industry. It’s the 80s so it goes without saying that the outfits and hairstyles are amazing, so for those two reasons alone it’s worth watching.

Flea Bag

Flea Bag was created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and is the funniest thing  I have seen in a long time. It is adapted from a play and focuses on a woman who is trying to adapt to city life after a tragedy. The lead character is funny, witty, angry and most importantly, flawed. With her different layers she certainly someone we can all relate to.

She’s Gotta Have It

I binged watched the first season in a few days. Created by Spike Lee and adapted from his 1986 film, the series follows Nola Darling as she juggles three open relationships in Brooklyn. It deals with ideas of sexual freedom, the black female form, and what it means to be a woman in 2017. Good news it was recently renewed for a second season!

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Golden Hour

Kacey Musgraves’s Golden Hour is a banger. She has a song about Wonder Woman and another one about someone being a knobhead who should just get off his high horse and leave. She also has a song called “Oh What A World” which will make you want to travel, be grateful you’re alive and make the most of life on this tiny planet.


SZA’s album is filled with songs about relationships and importantly her relationship with herself. “20 Somethin” and “Anything” are anthems for every young girl. “Drew Barrymore” is about being unapologetically yourself, and that sometimes when we feel lonely we think we’re not worth it. Her album is personal and vulnerable, but empowering nonetheless.


There you have it; your beginner’s guide to becoming a feminist in 2018. Are you finally ready to unleash the feminist in you now?

Post Author: Morgane Glain

Morgane Glain
Originally from France, I now live in England. I am an English Literature & Film graduate, and lifestyle and fashion blogger. If I am not writing, I love travelling and taking pictures. Catch me on Twitter @morganeglain

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