How To Get Your Makeup To Last In The Heat

Summer is upon us, and sweaty days out in the sun along with it. When the temperatures go up, our makeup tends to misbehave a little more than usual. Here’s how to keep it in check and looking fresh no matter what you get up to on holiday.

  • Use a primer.

Use a non-oily, slightly sticky primer underneath your makeup to give yourself a smooth base for your products to adhere to. This stops your foundation and concealer mixing with your sweat and melting right off your face. Use an eye primer underneath your eyeshadow to stop creasing later in the day. Can’t let all that blending go to waste.

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  • Layer your products.

When using cream products, apply a version of the same product on top. Eg. after applying a cream blush, top with a powder blush in a similar hue. This sets your product and gives it extra staying power. Top tip – do this with highlighters for maximum blinding.

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  • Use stains.

Stains aren’t given nearly as much love as they deserve. They aren’t too common but they’re fabulous for longevity. Try a lip stain instead of your usual lipstick. To prevent bleeding, line your lips with an invisible lip liner beforehand, and apply a light coat of lip balm over the top throughout the day with complete peace of mind. Now you can do that bellyflop into the pool without worrying about your face being washed off.

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  • Choose waterproof products.

Waterproof mascara, liquid lipsticks, foundation – there’s a waterproof version of nearly everything out there. For good reason! Reach for your waterproof products for maximum peace of mind. Remember to carry blotting paper or tissues with you if you’re prone to oiliness – oil tends to break down waterproof products.

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  • Finish with a setting spray.

Spritz generously with a setting spray to lock everything in. Matte, semi-matte, dewy – take your pick.

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Have you tried any of these tips? We’d love to hear how they worked out for you! Whatever you’re getting up to this summer, we hope you have a fabulous time (and kickass beauty tips up your sleeve).






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Janelle Soong
I'm a pharmacy student and violin teacher who dabbles with makeup for fun. I believe that a smile that reaches the eyes is the best beauty product you will ever own. Favourite things in life include enjoying a cup of tea, youtubing cat videos and hoarding nude lipsticks/eyeshadow palettes. In fact, I’m probably doing one of those things right now.

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