How to Start a Green Beauty Routine

Making a few small changes in your skincare routine to become more environmentally friendly.

We all know we should be try to be environmentally conscious. There’s a lot of talk about banning plastic straws, reusable coffee cups, and food packaging. The ‘green’ beauty market – products that are environmentally sustainable – is thriving. Here are a few suggestions to start on your journey to a green beauty routine.

Reusable cotton pads

Earth Softly Washable Cleansing Pads Soft Bamboo, £11.49 EARTH SOFTLY at

These options from Amazon are incredible. They’ve got a super soft cotton pad on one side, and a slightly rougher (but still very gentle) fabric on the other. These are a great way to start or green beauty routine. Substitute these reusable pads for anything you would usually use a cotton pad for. They are larger than usual, so each can be used more than once between washes. When it comes time to wash, just throw them in a netting lingerie wash bag (these are normally about £2), and put them in with your whites. Just as a personal suggestion, these may not be appropriate for use on both your face and nails, because the polish will damage the pad.


Multi-use products

Tea Tree Pure Castille Liquid Soap, £2.15 Dr Bronner

The legendary soap of many uses; this is excellent for cleaning your make up brushes, and your beauty blender! They have many scents, but considering tea tree has well known anti-bacterial propoties, it seems appropriate for cleaning the products that touch your skin regularly. Fair trade and organic – this is a great, affordable option.


Safety razors

R89 DE Safety Razor in Rose Gold, £36.50 MUHLE at

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 2 billion razors are thrown away each year, which is insane particularly when you add in that most models can’t be recycled. They can also be very expensive, because they have to be replaced so frequently. A safety razor can be a little tricky to get the hang of at first, but once you make the switch, you won’t go back. The blades are very cheap to replace, and a good model should last you for years. They tend to be made by specialist brands, so have a look around to see which ones best suit your needs.



Of course, there are so many more options out there. Next time you’re buying any beauty product, consider looking for a ‘green’ counterpart. You might discover a fantastic new product, that works better for you, and works better for the environment.

Post Author: Kate Lipson

Kate Lipson
I'm a recent university graduate living in London, and always spent way too much of my student loan on skincare! I love researching and discovering new makeup, (although I'm usually too lazy to actually wear it), and I'll buy pretty much anything with the word 'hydrating' on it. I've never once managed to successfully apply false lashes, nor worked out the purpose of a fan brush.

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