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The sun was out last week and we were inspired to hit the streets of London – or Covent Garden to be precise – to do some people watching.  We put fashion and beauty to one side for a few hours and instead opted for a light hearted chat with the inhabitants of the area.  We wanted to know, What would you introduce or abolish if you were mayor for the day?


Anna (left) & Molly (right)

Molly: I’d introduce more public transport so there are more ways to get around without more people driving or  just one person in the car, so it reduces pollution.




Yichenran: I think in summer the underground is very hot so I would bring in air conditioning.




Diana: I don’t know I think everything’s perfect.  I’m from Germany and I prefer being here then there.


 Cloe & Zoe 

Cloe: I would make it that everyone has to wear glitter on Mondays, like everyone has to wear it all on their faces.   I don’t know whenever I wear glitter I feel happy.
Zoe: Make London more friendly, I used to live in Newcastle and I’m from the Midlands and wherever you go everyone’s so friendly and speaks to you all the time.  I feel everyone is quite cold here and I always get told off by my colleagues for speaking to strangers. I think it would be just so much nicer if everyone was a bit more friendly.



Jonathan & Lauren 

Lauren: Get rid of the Boris bikes, I think they’re really dangerous for people who aren’t used to riding bikes and especially as London’s so busy.  They’ve got no helmets and [those cyclists are]  just riding around busy traffic – it’s just such a dangerous idea.
Jonathan: I’d probably made travel 24 hours, like you know tubes, buses – so they don’t stop at stupid times.  I think you get this rush when it gets to the night, like everyone rushes to the bus stops and the tube stations, if it was 24 hours it would be less staggered and it would work better.

 IMG_1234 Edd

Edd: That’s a seriously difficult question (pause) I know, Boris is doing quite enough but I would still improve cycling lanes; and people smaller than me can’t use umbrellas because the umbrellas clip me when I’m walking so I’d abolish umbrellas for people smaller than me. We’d have to come up with an alternative which I haven’t thought that far ahead yet, but we’ll work one out.



Jessica & Georgia 

Jessica: I’d make it compulsory for everybody to eat one bar of chocolate a day.
Farwa: What about people on a diet

Georgia: Tough

Jessica: They can have chocolate flavoured things.
Georgia: If I was mayor I’d do something good, we’d all have to watch a musical, once a month. Have a musical holiday, where we all go and watch one on discount prices.

Jessica: That’s better than mine.



James & James 

James (right): I’d change the cycle lanes.  Everyone says that, get rid of them!

James (left): You knew that straight away. I actually don’t know I haven’t given it much thought.  Actually, I’d demand a Formula One Grand Prix through the capital at some point in the year, like Monte Carlo but London.




Seki: My God I don’t even know. (Pause) I’d abolish tracksuits, terrible tracksuits. If [the wearer is] working out its fine, but just that.

Photography: Celine Castillon @petitefable
Words by: Farwa @Farwa1

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