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There’s nothing worse that not being prepared! Glastonbury is over and has kicked off the music festival season. If you’re a festival veteran then you’ve got your essentials list down to an art form but for the first timers amongst you we’ve put together a handy guide of tips to help make your first music festival memorable for the right reasons! Enjoy…





The festival you’re at may be the coolest thing you or your friends have done this year but red, sore and blistering skin isn’t.






Unless you’ve mastered the sexy-squinty eyes look, squinting and scrunching up your face because of bright sunlight isn’t the best look for most people. Also, sunglasses will make you look good, whilst allowing you to check out all the hotties without being too obvious!


Cool hat




This one is especially for the boys.  We don’t want to see any of  those novelty hats with beer cans or corks attached. And we especially don’t want a copy of Pharrell Williams’ Vivienne Westwood hat – how will those behind you see?! Find a hat that’s actually trendy and everyone can pull off. It’ll keep you cool, shade your eyes and protect you from the harsh sunrays!






In this day and age, everyone must know where we are, who we’re seeing and what we’re doing at all times. Especially when we’re at a cool live music event seeing all the hottest artists. And the only way we can keep our friends updated is with constant tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Vines, SnapChats and real-time videos and pictures of the festival we’re at, and the best way to do that is with our phones, of course.


Portable charger

portable charger

Smartphones may be able to do all the amazing stuff mentioned above, but with all that ability comes a battery which won’t last all day. Boo. One way to combat this issue is with a portable charger.


Digital camera


For when the battery or memory on your smartphone runs out but there’s still the headline act to go!


Comfortable trainers


I know – it sounds like the kind of boring thing your mother would remind you to do but think about it; you’ll be on your feet all day, walking about, dancing and all that good stuff. The last thing you need is a pair of new, unworn shoes cramping your style (and your feet).




It might be summer, but it’s also England and this means that even if the sun has been shining and the weather has been blaring hot all day, there is a constant threat of rain. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who are going to a festival in a warmer climate, an umbrella is never unnecessary when you live in England.


Water Bottle


After alcohol, burgers, chips, and fizzy drinks, water might be the most boring thing and last on your list of “what to consume at V Festival”. But you’ll be in a crowd of hundreds, maybe thousands, of people. And the last thing you’d want is to pass out from dehydration, get carried off to the ambulance and miss half of the event.


Deodorant… and other hygiene esentials


If you’re going to a camping style festival (or even if you’re not) it’s important to keep clean, fresh and smelling good. People are going to have to stand very close to you for a large portion of the day and some maybe even be unfortunate enough to be the shorter person who finds temporary shelter under one of your armpits. The least you can do is not subject them to your three-day Glastonbury funk.


Dry Shampoo


You may not get a chance to give your hair a good wash so make sure you pack a can of dry shampoo.  It’ll be a long day, pictures and videos will be taken as evidence of your scruffy look, and there’s nothing cute about a roughed up dirty looking  ‘do.


A Bag

bum bag

Bumbag, sidebag, or your wallet/purse stuffed into your shoes… whatever, you’ll need somewhere to keep your stuff. You can’t eat, drink, text AND hold on to your money all at once!


A Raincoat


You’ve got your brolly, so you’re slightly prepared but it won’t always protect you and your bare legs and arms. A simple and foldaway raincoat is perfect for a quick rainfall fix. It can also be used to warm you up when it gets later, the sun goes down, and it gets a little bit chilly.




Most festivals take place in a park which probably won’t allow re-entry, and the chances of there being an ATM or card machine inside the venue is very slim. Have enough cash on you to last your stay, but no so much that you’re a walking target.


Snacks and Refreshments


Nobody wants to queue up for 30 minutes every time they want a packet of crisps only to find out it costs £2.50. Head down to the corner shop beforehand and grab what you can to keep you going in between jugs of Pimms and greasy cheeseburgers.


Picnic Mat


This might not be the coolest idea but if you would rather not go home with muddy, grass stained clothes, then a small picnic mat that you can fold and stash away quickly might be just what you need.


Hand Sanitiser or Wet Wipes

hand sanitiser

We all want to believe that nothing disgusting will happen at a festival but just in case it does the first thing you may want to do is make sure you can clean yourself up instead of having to trail around with mud (or worse) on your hands.


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