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‘Fashion icon’ and ‘one of the coolest women in the world’, is how Chloë Sevigny has been described by Vogue, and let’s face it they know best about these things. There is something effortlessly badass and cool about Chloë, she wears clothes like she just threw them on and exudes an unbelievable amount of confidence, sex appeal and style.






Actress, fashion designer, model etc. The accolades pile up. After a successful career in the fashion industry in the 90s, Sevigny turned her hand to acting. Fittingly her first film role in Kids was as controversial and eclectic as her fashion.  The cult flick was the first of many independent films that won the budding actress acclaim.




The star never made the crossover from independent film to Hollywood blockbuster, and has often professed the desire to continue doing projects with integrity rather than for fame, “I never wanted to be a celebrity at that level, and I think that’s why I’ve chosen to do the work that I do and just kind of work with directors that I love and try and do work that means something to me.”




One things for sure; if you don’t want to be her, you sure as hell want to know her!




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