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Fashion and music will always go hand in hand and for entertainers such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga and old school Madonna their choice of outfits often make bigger headlines than their music.   But, before them there was Grace Jones.





Jamaican-born Jones moved with her family to New York as a teenager and was quickly snapped up a model in the early 1970s.  Credits included Elle, Vogue, Yves St Laurent, Kenzo and the now defunct The House of Montana.


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Jones height, stature and eccentric dress sense ensured that she commanded attention. So much so that a record deal and acting stints followed and she starred in movies such as Conan The Barbarian, the Bond movie A View To A Kill and started alongside Eddie Murphy in Vamp and Boomerang.





At 66 the star still draws crowds and headlines music stages from time to time.  Love her or loathe her (how could you possibly) this woman influenced a generation and fittingly deserves her fashion icon tag.





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