i the stylist Icon: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

I know for me, growing up in the 90s meant that Mary-Kate & Ashley, the million dollar twins, were my absolute heroes. This week we have chosen the two glamorous sisters as our ‘i the stylist icon’. Looking back on their success it all started when they shared the role of Michelle Tanner on Full House.




From then, the twin’s career has flourished and they started their own television show and released many films. The Olsen twins then became icons and grabbed the hearts of not only America but British children.  From clothing to dolls to bedding the girls have conquered it all!




The girls are now 28 and are still going strong.  They now have their own couture fashion line called The Row as well as a contemporary line called Elizabeth & James. With two successful lines – the Olsen twins are now more synonymous with fashion than acting now and are considered head honchos in the fashion world.  I don’t think there is much left for these girls to overcome.




Mary-Kate is now engaged and the Olsen twins together are said to be worth over $300 million. They surely have a bright future ahead and remain deep in our hearts as our favourite twins…ever.




By: Natasha @NGThompsonx


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