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The white shirt may be a classic wardrobe piece, as chic as it is practical, but the poplin style has stretched in recent years to cover many more bases. A good quality, cotton-heavy poplin style shirt or top is the perfect summer staple to see you through the hotter months. The fabric is cooling and all about clean lines, shapes and structures, meaning it can give a fresh yet timeless twist to any outfit. If you’re not sure how to incorporate poplin into your wardrobe, try combining current trends of voluminous sleeves and tie waists, or stick to a classic button down and you’ll have a winning look.


Poplin shirt with round buckle, £25.99 Zara zara.com

Cotton poplin shirt, £185.00 JOSEPH at net-a-porter.com

Off shoulder poplin blouse, £25.99 Mango mango.com

Poplin tie waist playsuit, £39.00 Topshop topshop.com

Off the shoulder poplin blouse, £29.99 Zara zara.com

QED pink pearl frill trim stripe top, £17.99 New Look newlook.com

Cotton poplin top, £1,100.00 ALAÏA at net-a-porter.com

Straps poplin dress, £35.99 Mango mango.com

Lace sleeve poplin top, £39.00 Topshop topsop.com

Short sleeve top with poplin detail, £25.99 Zara zara.com

Poplin culottes, £17.99 Bershka bershka.com

Cotton poplin shirt, £99.00 Jigsaw jigsaw.com

Purple balloon sleeve bardot neck top, £15.99 New Look newlook.com

Striped embroidered poplin skirt, £645.00 ETRO at net-a-porter.com

Puff sleeve poplin wrap top, £34.00 Topshop topshop.com

Poplin culottes with blow, £19.99 Bershka bershka.com

Ruffled poplin top, £25.99 Zara zara.com

Petite white shirred bardot neck shirt dress, £19.99 New Look newlook.com

Tie wrap poplin shirt, £34.00 Topshop topshop.com

Embellished cotton poplin shirt, £660.00 GUCCI at net-a-porter.com

Bow poplin blouse, £35.99 Mango mango.com

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