i the stylist Street Style – 30 June 2014

Last week we headed to east London, the hub of fashionistas, for some style hunting and of course we had a field day. If you want to appear in our Street Style section follow us on Twitter @ithestylist and we’ll let you know where we’re going to be each week.  Our question this time around was, Facebook crashed for 30 minutes recently and there was panic.  So, why do you think we rely on social media so much? 


Karolina GorZala


Name: Karolina

Age: 21

Occupation: Model

Karolina wears: coat – vintage; bag – Laurence; trainers – Nike

“Everyone seems to follow media, and they believe it to be cool as a lot of promotion is done by the media.”



Carissa Rae


Name: Charissa

Age: 21

Occupation: Sales assistant & Blogger

Charissa wears: top – Zara; shorts – Zara; bag – Topshop; shoes – Zara; sunglasses – Primark

“Many people can springboard from all factors, my blog wouldn’t be as successful without it, and keeps everyone up to date.”


Sam Allmark


Name: Sam

Age: 22

Occupation: student

Sam wears: shirt- vintage; jeans – Urban Outfitters; trainers – New Balance; sunglasses – Urban Outfitters

“It’s the main way people interact – it’s quite impersonal, no one really has to interact in real life (laughs)”




Name: Lidia

Age: 22

Occupation: student

Lidia wears: skirt – Australian brand; top – Urban Outfitters; shoes – Topshop; bag – Status  Anxiety (Australian brand)

“Facebook and blogs give me a lot of inspiration, its quicker then buying a magazine, which I don’t really buy these days anyway.”


Nacy brown


Name: Nancy

Age: 32

Occupation: Digital work

Nancy wears: dress – Hereafter Vintage; shoes –Vagabond; jacket – borrowed from a friend; bag – Primark; sunglasses – writer’s own

“I work for a digital media company so I rely on it a lot in my life, [I’m] kind of a Facebook addict (laughs)”


Zeenat Salihu


 Name: Zeenat

Age: 17

Occupation: student

Zeenat wears: shirt – vintage; jeans – ASOS Marketplace; shoes – Office

“It has a massive influence over people, that they rely upon very much.  Sometimes it can be negative and people need it to help to decide.”


Ashley Lewis


Name: Ashley

Age: 29

Occupation: Researcher

Ashley wears: jumper – GAP;jeans – Reiss; plimsolls – Fred Perry; scarf – present from ex boyfriend

“It lets me know what other people are doing and I know what my friends are up to, [so it] keeps me updated.”


Megs Dunne


Name: Meg

Age: 29

Occupation: Events Manager

Meg wears: shirt – vintage; playsuit – Urban Outfitters; shoes – Dr. Martens; bag – Ally Capellino

“[It] helps me keep track of everything, where I go and what I do.”


Charlie Osman


Name: Charlie

Age: 27

Occupation: Makeup Artist

Charlie wears: top – Topshop; jacket – Chinese boutique in Shoreditch; jeans – borrowed from mum; shoes – Primark; sunglasses – found (originally from ASOS)

“Not that much, I’m obsessed with Instagram, but I don’t understand anything else, I’m not a millennial”


ben francis


Name: Ben

Age: 21

Occupation: Artist/Musician

Ben wears: jumper – bought in the US; jeans – can’t remember; sunglasses – Kite; shoes – Nike; bag – Kora

“As an artist I use social media to promote [myself].  You just need it (laughs)!”



Photography: Kirth Noel @knfotog

Words: Alice @velvetjunk

Post Author: i the stylist

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