i the stylist Street Style – 9 June 2014

We hit the streets of the capital for our weekly street style fix of fashionable London dwellers.  This week’s question was Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlize Theron have received backlash for likening their online privacy intrusion to “being a soldier at war” and “rape”.  Do you think that celebrities, particularly those that are active in social media, should expect privacy?




“If they’re going to put themselves out there and choose to share everything, they’re putting themselves up for criticism.”
Name: Fay
Age: 20
Occupation: Waitress and part-time blogger & Youtuber
Fay wears: hat – Topshop; tshirt – New Look; jumpsuit – Topshop;  shoes – New Look


Amanda 4


“They shouldn’t expect privacy because they’re celebrities. They’re meant to be role models.”
Name: Amanda
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Amanda wears: hat – Topshop; top – H&M; skirt – Topshop


Emilie 4


“If they are active on social media they have to be careful of what they write on social media because everything is permanent. Celebrities especially need to be careful.”
Name: Emilie
Age: 19
Occupation: Student
Emilie wears: jacket – vintage; jeans – Cheap Monday; shoes – Church’s


Neil 4


“I’m not a celebrity and I expect privacy, I think everyone deserves it. Using social media doesn’t mean you give up your right to privacy.”
Name: Neil
Age: 23
Occupation: Band member in Clean Bandit
Neil wears: shirt – Cos; jacket – vintage; jeans – American Apparel; shoes – Dr. Martens


Rhian 2


“I think they should have their privacy. I know they’re in the public eye, but they should still have it. There’s a limit to everything.”
Name: Rhian
Age: 22
Occupation: Student
Rhian wears: top – Topshop; jeans – Zara; bag – Chanel; shoes – Mui Mui


Andrew 2


“I don’t think she was trying to be mean or anything, I think people are just over sensitive these days, everyone takes things way too seriously.”
Name: Andrew
Age: 23
Occupation: Working abroad
Andrew wears: shirt – Topman; tshirt – Topman; jacket – Urban Outfitters; shoes – Dr Martens




“I do not think that celebrities that engage in social media can expect privacy after projecting their thoughts and images to the world. It’s a little discouraging to hear them liken themselves to a rape [victim] and being a soldier at war.”
Name: Bob
Age: 26
Occupation: Medical Equipment Supplier
Bob wears: sunglassses – H&M;  shirt – J Crew; shorts – GAP


Rosario 2


“That’s a very controversial question. The paparazzi – sometimes I think it’s a bit too much. [The celebrities] can become depressed and even go a bit crazy.”
Name: Rosario
Age: 30
Occupation: Visual Merchandiser
Rosario wears: jacket – Levi’s; tshirt – Urban Outfitters; trousers – Zara; trainers – adidas


Emina 2


“Of course, I think they should all expect privacy. It is their right to expect their privacy for everything.”
Name: Emina
Age: 21
Occupation: Sales assistant
Emina wears: jacket – Urban Outfitters; top – Pimkie; necklace – H&M; jeans – Topshop; shoes – Deichmann


Morgan 2


“In America we have this thing called “Expectancy of Fame”. Basically, you aren’t subject to as much privacy as you’d like, but it’s your choice.”
Name: Morgan
Age: 23
Occupation: Student
Morgan wears: top, tshirt & trousers – WYvesH; trainers – New Balance


Louise 2


“If it’s for a positive reason then yes, they should expect privacy, but if it’s for a negative reason, well, they have to bear the consequences.”
Name: Louise
Age: 22
Occupation: Visual Merchandiser
Louise wears: top – Primark; – kimono – charity shop; skirt –  Topshop
Photography: Celine Castillon @petitefable
Words by: Catherine  @catherineywy

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