i the stylist’s London Fashion Week Survival Guide

London Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow and we’ll all soon know what we should be wearing in spring/summer 2015.  For those in the fashion business the following five days will be filled with endless fashion shows, presentations and parties.  But be warned Fashion Week can make or break you especially if you’re new to this.  There are 60 official on-schedule shows with a further 45 off-schedule, not to mention the salon presentations and aftershow parties.  To help you survive the whirlwind i the stylist have put together 10 tips to help you get through Fashion Week…




1. Don’t try to go to every show that you’re invited to.  

Unless you’re a celeb or VIP you’ll have to queue..a lot.  Oh, and most shows don’t start on time so even if you think you have enough time to make it to all the shows you won’t cause everything runs late.   Most shows are streamed online now so save yourself the stress and pick a select few and watch the others online.


2. Dress the part

That orange faux fur cropped jacket that you impulse bought from Topshop a few year ago  Dust that off and wear it!  Fashion Week is the one time you can wear what you want without feeling out of place.  Have a bit of fun with your outfits and use the events as a chance to experiment with your style.  You’ll regret it if you don’t.


3. Wear comfy shoes

The shows last approximately 10 minutes so most of your time will be spent on your feet so if you don’t want to be papped with  a grimace pack some flats in your bag to whip on in between shows.


4. Don’t try and blag your way in

Save yourself the shame and humiliation and watch the shows online.  To be honest you can fake it till you make it to some extent.  Some of the off schedule shows may be a little more relaxed and accommodating provided they have some room – especially if you look  the part and have some connection to fashion.  Here’s a tip – presentations are easier to get into as seating isn’t allocated. But rather than turn up unannounced contact the PR company ahead of time and ask if they can accommodate you.  The on-schedule shows, however, are a different story – if you don’t have a ticket you’re not getting in…simple.


5. Bring a portable charger

There’s nothing worse than your battery dying mid-tweet during Fashion Week.  Save yourself the hassle of searching for available power points at every venue and invest in a portable charger – they are a godsend and you can easily pick up one for under £10.


6. Eat

If you’re organised enough bring a packed lunch or some wholesome snacks at least.  Unlike at press days and parties food and drink is scarce at fashion shows.  If you’re lucky enough to get a goody bag you’ll get a bottle of water and some popcorn which will not line your stomach if you have a night of aftershow parties to attend.


7. Bring a notebook

There’s no point going to the shows if you’re not going to make notes right?  Invest in a pocketbook sized notepad – it’ll make you look so professional –  scribbling away as the models go by…


8. Business cards

You never know who you’re going to bump into during Fashion Week and it’s such a great place to meet new people – kooky or otherwise. .


9. Learn the lingo

Do you know the difference between on-schedule and off schedule?  Your prêt-à-porter from your haute couture? No?  Get swotting!


10. Have fun!

If you let it, it can consume you! Just remember this is all creative entertainment and is to be enjoyed and appreciated!


By: Huna @ihunnamatata


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