When your breakout single is entitled Pu$$y and you have a penchant for tight-fitting clothing in your videos you’d be forgiven for presuming that the first place that rapper Iggy Azalea would seek out on her stopover UK tour would be the hottest club or bar.  Far from it, the down-to earthy Aussie is more likely to be found in a chippy, “I love to eat meat pies so much. I’m Australian and they don’t do them in America so I like to go to fish & chip shops and eat crappy pies”.  Signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records, at the time of interview the leggy blonde was only two weeks into the production of her debut album The New Classic which is set for release summer 2013, “I’m really fresh into it. I finally feel like I have a good mix of electronic and hip hop and I’ve figured out what the balance is so now I feel confident about working on it.” As we chat it’s clear to see that Iggy is a girl who knows what she wants and is a go-getter.  Whilst she struggled as an up and coming artist in the US she had to find a legal way to make money, so along with a friend they set up a business importing hair extensions and selling them to the public, “I used to have a lot more to do with it and I’d travel to Thailand, Vietnam and select the hair – it’s not as glamorous as it sounds. Now I just invest in it. I originally didn’t have a visa so it was a way for me to make legitimate income in America and now it’s more a wholesale business – we import for salons privately in the south but it’s a cool little business.” And  more importantly it helps with her shoe fetish.  Not quite Imelda Marcos but on the way, “I’m on my way there but I try to slow down because I don’t actually have a house at the moment I live out of a suitcase…actually it’s about five massive suitcases.”


As conduct the interview Iggy is in the process of getting her hair set for the afternoon’s photoshoot.  As the subject moves to fashion Iggy become more animated. I want to know whose style she admires. “I love Gwen Stefani – she’s so awesome. Effortlessly cool! I actually think Grimes is pretty cool because she sort of wears whatever the hell she wants. I think so many girls, especially celebrities, want to be sexy all the time and I love girls that say this is cool and I’m trying something different …you can still be sexy and be androgynous even.” Decked out in on trend print leggings and a layered blazer Iggy fills me in on her favourite designer, “Actually these pants are Karl Lagerfeld – I really like his whole collection.  It’s really fun and cool – the prints – the camo prints I’ve been getting a lot of pieces from that actually.”


Over the summer the 22 year old signed with Wilhelmina Models – that must bring some serious clothing perks right? Wrong. Well not just yet anyway. “I don’t get to keep s***.” Just as she finishes her sentence the stylist hands her Aqua’s SS13 lookbook explaining that the PR team have instructed her to choose what she wants.  Iggy literally jumps out of her seat laughing, “This is the best and only thing I’ve ever got. Mind you I’ve never even asked. I’d feel like such a b**** to say I’m keeping this (flicks through lookbook).  Actually I love this. I just pulled all this stuff for my show!”  Whilst a lot of today’s music artists are straight out of stage school and styled to within an inch of their life Iggy is keen to let me know that fashion has always been a big thing for her.  “I put a lot of effort into my look because I’m just someone who loves to dress and I love fashion – it’s a passion of mine. It’s always been. As a kid I’d dress up – look I’m going to show you a picture and you’ll know that I’m no joke (shows me a picture of her as a child dressed outlandishly).  I’ve always been a diva! I always used to wear a blue wig around. I was probably about 10 – this is how I used to dress.” Having now swapped her blue wig for her customary ponytail I wanted to find out if she felt restricted by her trademark look, “Yes. I definitely find it restrictive now.  I love ponytails but I originally started doing them because I didn’t have a hairstylist. And that’s the only style I could do.  I’d [make] Youtube videos and I’d want it to be polished.  And I liked flicking them – they were like an accessory that’s why I love them but sometimes I think I wish I could try some different hair looks.  I’m totally incorporating them into my style – I could never do a live show and not do a ponytail – people would be mad at me (laughs).” So what style would she like? “I like wavy (gesturers with hand). But not too old Hollywood – I like a modern mix. There’s just something about a side part and some waves…makes you feel glamorous.”


The internet certainly had a huge hand in putting Iggy on the map but I wanted to know what the weirdest thing that Iggy had read about herself on the web. “People say I’ve had butt implants – I think that’s pretty weird (laughs). Or that I’ve had ribs removed too.  I’ve read butt implants have an 85% rejection rate so if I did [get them] I might be pretty unlucky – they might fall out or something (laughs).”  Whilst her lyrics and demeanour in her videos might be raunchy Iggy’s playful artistic side shines through throughout the interview.  She shows me her latest tattoo – a Disney cartoon character in Renaissance style.  Perhaps influenced by her father who was a comic artist and painter her true love is Salvador Dali, “I love Salvadore Dali I think he’s completely ridiculous.  I actually put him at the beginning of my Trap Gold mixtape. They said, ‘Why do you love to ride around in cars filled with cauliflowers’, he was like ‘because it relates in correspondence to tragedy that is my life’. I completely identify with that in that artist and I love people and artists that can use satire and comedy in their art and these comments on things.”



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