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Glossier was THE brand of 2017. If you hadn’t noticed it was splashed across social media touting itself as an affordable makeup brand.  The range of products features items such as skin tints, liquid blushers and jelly cleansers. Despite the brand launching in 2014, us Brits couldn’t get our grubby mitts onto the products (well, easily at least)  until October of last year (2017) when they finally launched in the UK. Lucky recipients received hand-delivered packages from members of the Glossier team.

I discovered the brand through word-of-mouth on social media. It’s safe to safe my Christmas wish list that year featured a multitude of their products including the stretch concealer, skin tints, cleansers and the liquid blushers. Each product has a great name and the packaging is simple but pretty. AND it looks great on your vanity. Very Instagram-worthy.


Stretch concealer, £15.00

  • How it’s applied: A little pot of goodness! The product is creamy and easy to get out of the packaging – I’ve been using it non-stop since Christmas and have barely made a dent in the amount I have. Blends beautifully.
  • How it’s worn: I had creamy under eyes all day… in the best possible way. The concealer did its job and maintained coverage throughout the day.
  • Price tag: Mid-range for a concealer and worth the price, for sure.
  • Buy or Bye? Buy




Skin tint, £20.00

  • How it’s applied: The product comes out of a little squeeze-y bottle and I choose to apply it straight onto the face by squeezing drops out, alternatively, you can put it onto a brush and buff it in. The application was silky smooth and was certainly buildable!
  • How it’s worn: the product lasted on my face all day and even getting home at night, I could still see product on my cheeks and forehead.
  • Price tag: Glossier pride themselves on being affordable and I would definitely agree.
  • Buy or Bye? Buy, buy, buy




Milky jelly cleanser, £15.00

  • How it’s applied: This product goes onto my skin beautifully and works a treat. This cleanser is my go-to for a night-time routine and takes every inch of make-up off without stinging eyes or drying properties.
  • How it worn: Not a single break out since receiving it at Christmas and using it daily.
  • Price tag: The best £15.00 you’ll ever spend.
  • Buy or Bye? Buy



Cloud paint duo, £25.00

  • How it’s applied: Very strange consistency but actually blends really nicely onto the cheeks. I take a drop and put it straight onto my face and I tend to mix the colours to get the best tone for my skin.
  • How it worn: This blush lasts ALL day and I constantly had colour on my face.
  • Price tag: Two blushers for £25.00? I’ll take that.
  • Buy or Bye? Buy


Overall, the brand is a definite yes from us and we are so excited by the new product release: Exfoliating skin perfector. If it’s anything like the products I currently own, it will be the best launch for skincare in January!


Shop the brand at glossier.com


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