REVIEW: Janjira Instant Brightening Bubble Mask

Janjira Instant Brightening Bubble Mask

Janjira Marine Radiant White Instant Brightening Bubble Mask

Price: £24.00

They say

This  facial mask has a unique dual action formula that oxygenates & brightens when applied to the skin. The oxygenating process instantly detoxifies by providing oxygen to the skin while a cocktail of ingredients such as Algowhite™, Vitamin C & Vitamin B3 refresh the skin and give a clear, luminous and smoother complexion.

We say

The Janjira Marine Radiant White Instant Brightening Bubble Mask is said to oxygenate and brighten when applied to the skin. The oxygenating process instantly purifies by providing oxygen to the skin while a combination of ingredients refreshes the skin and gives a clear, luminous, and smoother complexion. You simply use 2-3 pumps and apply sparingly to the face and neck then wait for 3-5 mins before washing away.

I pumped 3 pumps of the product onto the back of my hand, so I could see the consistency before application – it was very gel like but after rubbing it on my face it thinned out and after a further 5-8 seconds I could see it beginning to lather and turn into a foam, so it didn’t really activate until I began rubbing it in which was good. I did feel that 3 pumps didn’t really cover my face well enough, so I pumped out an additional 2 pumps which left me a bit disappointed as a generous amount of product was needed for just 1 use.

The first application was a bit of a novelty, mainly because I hadn’t tried a bubble mask before but also because the longer the mask was left on the skin the more bubbling you could see and feel. It felt almost like it was fizzing on your skin but not in a distressing way, it was an oddly nice feeling.

I left the mask on for 3 minutes as opposed to the maximum of 5 as I wanted to see just how quick the benefits could be achieved. In regard to rinsing the mask off, I found it a bit of a task as some areas continued to lather when they came in contact with the water. Though, once it had thoroughly rinsed off, my face looked much more awake and bright but unfortunately the results were short lived as 30 or so minutes after removal, my under-eye bags were beginning to return to their original darkness and while my skin still looked bright, it wasn’t as noticeable as it was immediately after it had been rinsed off.

After applying the mask a second time and leaving for 4-5 minutes, I did notice the effects were just as good but did last that little bit longer, that said, I would still classify it as short term solution, which is fine as it does not claim anything more.

I liked that this mask was light on your skin and didn’t leave it feeling tight or dry during or after application.


Very clean and sharp. The white bottle with the mirrored band and logo makes the product look quite luxurious and of a good quality.


Doesn’t really do much for dark spots in the short amount of time it is on the skin but in terms of the brightening effect, the results are prompt and visible however they are fleeting.

Value for Money

For the price of the product you would hope that the results are more long lasting and ticks all of the boxes but one of the products claims was that it reduces the appearance of dark spots which I don’t really feel it did.

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Janjira Instant Brightening Bubble Mask

Marine Radiant White Instant Brightening Bubble Mask, £24.00 Janjira

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