SALON REVIEW: Karine Jackson Organic Colour Systems

Karine Jackson and the Organic Colour Systems

Let me start by saying that I like my hair as low-maintenance as possible. Easy cut, easy colour. I’ve a four year old, and very little time for indulging. – And yes, a long-winded haircare routine is an indulgence that morning schools runs don’t allow for. Also as most of us, once I find a hairdresser I can trust my hair with, I stick with it. We’ve all had the horror stories when something went terribly wrong with a new hairdresser. So when the opportunity came to try a different salon than what I’m used to, I was weary. God knew what might happen! But I was curious. Karine Jackson Hair and Beauty Salon in the West End of London is a vegan-friendly hair salon. Yep, that’s right, vegan!  My scalp has been feeling more and more sensitised by traditional hair colouring systems. I had to switch to henna as to avoid the inevitable flair ups from the chemicals. And I’ve been searching for an easier and quicker alternative. Let’s face it, henna takes time, which quite frankly, most of us don’t have.



Karine Jackson’s salon works with Organic Colour Systems. It’s a professional hair colouring and hair care range that is vegan, 65% certified organic, 95% natural, ammonia free and with the lowest percentage of PPD (Paraphenylenediamine -the chemical that provides long-lasting hair colour that has a natural look but is also the main cause for allergic reactions to hair dye) in the market. When I found this out I was sold. So, I booked my appointment, hopeful for a colouring treatment that wouldn’t damage my scalp.

The first step in their appointment process is to give you a sample of the hair colouring agent so you can allergy test it up to 48 hours prior to your colouring appointment.

If you develop a reaction, they will consult with you on a different course of action for your colouring needs.

So after testing and finding I didn’t have an adverse reaction, in I went for my appointment. I was greeted in the reception area and offered a drink and a selection of Vegan cookies. I meet Sophia who did my cut and colour. She started the appointment with a consultation about my haircare regime, lifestyle, what I was hoping to achieve with the cut and colour and offering suggestions based on my answers. Straight away I was at ease with her. She knew what she was doing and took my wishes into consideration. Like I said before, low-maintenance is my go-to. I mean, who has the time to do a bouncy blowdry every morning?

She also tested my skin tone against a colour fan as to determine if my skin would look healthier with a warmer or colder hair colour. It’s a large card with different shades in it that is held under your chin. You can see in the mirror how the different tones reflect light on your skin and how they affect it’s radiance. Warmer won. We also choose to go a bit darker.

Since I had some natural highlights that we didn’t want to lose completely with a solid colour, but my grays were showing, Sophia suggested a dual tone regrowth colouring like an Ombre, but with a much softer, more gradual colour transition, like a balayage. Only darker. So we were somewhere inbetween. A demi-ombre?


My last haircut and colour BEFORE going to Karine Jackson’s (this was about 6 months ago)

As you can see, I tend to keep my hair in a short bob or similar haircut. And that is my natural hair colour, sun-streaked despite my best efforts to avoid sun damage.

Sophia suggested a softer cut also to go with the softer colour transition. I went for it.

After the application I was offered a drink top-up and a selection of magazines to browse through. I had my tablet with me so I choose to read a bit and reply to some emails. Time flew. Next thing I know, we’re off to the washing station.

After washing the dye off my hair – with an AMAZING scalp massage included (thank you for that Sophia!) – we got to cutting. A softer bob this time, but still easy to maintain.


My cut and colour by Sophia


Loved it!

The  Organic Colour Systems hair dyes, being more natural and less chemical, are also more “transparent”, so your natural hair shines through for a softer, more natural looking hair colour. That also make the regrowth transition softer and less pronounced. All good things in my book!

After she finished blow drying it and adding some product for volume and thickness, she suggested I maintain my new colour with the Organic Colour Systems Power Build Shampoo and Conditioner for added strength and volume to my fine hair. Not easy to find that combined with colour care. A win for me. Recommendation was lather, rinse, repeat, condition. The first wash to remove dirt and product build-up in the hair, the second to infuse the hair shaft with the strengthening ingredients in the shampoo.
I’ve been using it since and my hair colour is still looking fresh, without any of the usual fading that usually occurs quite strongly right after a dye appointment. My hair looks healthy and feels fuller. I had absolutely no adverse reaction to the hair dye and that was oh so refreshing!
I will definitely be back for my next haircut and colour with Sophia. She was fabulous! And I recommend it to anyone who wants a different approach to hair colour or is just looking for a change from their usual.
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