How to Launch A Career in Music

It’s January and we all know what that means, it’s time to dust off the post festive slump and kick ourselves into a manic ‘keep calm and carry on’ mantra. For many of us the first week or two of this month is filled will goal setting, we try to lay down foundations for the year ahead. The pursuit of a new body perhaps or a different career path that caters to our interests more.

This leads me to the work/life balance conundrum. What if your job was actually something you enjoyed doing so much that the lines between what is traditionally considered as work become blurred. The ultimate fantasy – to break away from those corporate shackles and be free! Well if music is your dream job, look no further as we have complied a list of how to make your dreams a reality! And if music isn’t your thing, the following tactics can be applied to any creative field, with just a few small tweaks.

1. Intern/Freelance/Email/Network

It might seem obvious but so many people think they can just apply for a job at a record label with no prior experience. Working within Music is extremely desirable and you need to be able to show you have given a few years of grit before your even considered. So, do some outreach…. Contact independent Music Mags to see if they are looking for writers, email Artists or small Labels or work for an events company or venue that outs on gigs. This is the first step. (The key here is to start small, don’t go emailing Beyoncé).

Are you a designer that creates content or could even brand some tour merch? If so let the world know you exist! Email every day, you will get a lot of unanswered messages but all it takes is one to get the ball rolling and from then on, the only way is up!

2. Have an Online presence

This is key, the best place to start is by having a website to showcase your talents, any past clients you may have worked for, any music you have created or even any graphics work. The possibilities are endless, make use of platforms like Format or Squarespace to create simple and clean websites. Not only do you look like a pro but you will be taken more seriously by those on the other end of your emails.

If you’re making music, uploading it to Soundcloud, YouTube and other streaming sites and emailing your music to blogs and websites is another great way to get your sound heard. Emailing tracks to sites like Record of the Day or cdBaby who feature new up-and-coming artists is a perfect way to get your voice out there!

P.S invest in buying a domain name: is better than, www.myname/platformiusedtocreatethiswebiste.somthingelse

3. Time Management

You will most likely have a full-time job, so time is very precious. Not only in planning how you will go about plotting your permanent escape from the office, but also creating your foundation takes time, effort and patience. Don’t be afraid to get feedback from friends and family- on what you are putting out there. Thy will be able to spot things that you cannot see.

When you start to slowly build up a few freelance gigs (trust me you will) free time becomes non-existent especially if you have a few on the go, you need to grin and bear it because at the end of the day the goal is to reach a place in your life that inspires you on a daily. Try organising your time in a planner or even on your phone-set reminders. Keep it clean and simple.

Post Author: Mariame Ben-Karoum

Mariame Ben-Karoum
I work in the creative fields as a Marketer/Designer. But, when I'm not working you can catch me at a low key gig or crate digging any and everywhere. Life is too short for long bios.

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