Legology Air Lite Daily Lift & Sun Lite Sheer Lingerie for Legs

Legology Air Lite Daily Lift for Legs & Sun Lite Sheer Lingerie for Legs

Price: £60.00 (175ml) Air-Lite Daily Lift; £36.00 (100ml) Sun-Lite
Stockists:, Liberty of London
They say: (Air Lite) A pioneering contouring and lightening cream that delivers deep drainage benefits to reduce the tightness and puffiness caused by fluid retention, discourage cellulite, dissolve aches, pains and fatigue, rejuvenate and energise from the toes up. (Sun Lite) A cool, tinted cream with a hint of pearl to give legs ‘un tocco del sole’ – a touch of sun – and scented with the Legology lemon signature Capri Crush. The leg finisher of your dreams, this cream delivers subtle, wash-off colour, while contouring legs and making them feel lighter, more energised and supported without hosiery.
We say: I will always remember the first time I tried Air Lite. Wandering around Liberty of London’s beauty hall, which is always a magic carpet ride, I found a table displaying some very chic looking pots with the cool name of Legology. I used the tester to rub over the back of my hand. I inhaled the lovely lemon scent and felt uplifted. Despite the cost I decided to treat myself and skipped off with my cardboard carrier bag to the train station to go home. I settled back for the two hour journey and dug around in my tote for a magazine. Then I noticed that the hand that had been “Legologied” looked five years (at least) younger than the other one!!

The skin was smooth and even, the veins less evident and the tone fabulous. Golly if this was going to be replicated on my legs I could hardly wait! Well, that is exactly what happened and I was so happy and excited.  At last I thought!  A product that actually did what it promised. Instantly. My legs felt re-energised, cool and tightened. I was interested to see how, so studied the ingredients and sure enough it’s packed full of good stuff including caffeine which is a known diuretic, which reduces fluid retention and swelling. Also the products contain Rucus Aculeatus root extract which is commonly known as Butcher’s Broom. It is a very tough root and was literally made into brushes for butchers to clean their chopping boards as it has anti bacterial properties. Nice bit of trivia!

Butcher’s Broom reduces skin itching. It is also a strong anti inflammatory, giving the skin a healthy appearance free from inflammation. Butcher’s Broom also reduces leg swelling and oedema i.e. fluid retention. As if that wasn’t enough it has an astringent effect shrinking the body tissues making the skin appear smooth. (As does witch hazel by the way).  It contracts the veins so improving blood flow. There are a bunch of other ingredients which are all very “sciencey” and no doubt they all do fab things but life is too short to study them all. Trust me this is worth the cost.


Very chic and nice colours in the brand name and text.


No doubt this the most effective cream I have tried.

Value for Money

Despite the cost the results make this fab value.


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Air Lite

Air-Lite Daily Lift for Legs 175ml, £60.00 LEGOLOGY at


Sun Lite

Sun-Lite Tinted Leg Cream 100ml, £36.00 LEGOLOGY at

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