We Try You Buy: Less Is More Lavender Smooth Balm

Less Is More Lavender Smooth Balm

Price: £7.00 (30ml); £22.00 (150ml)

Stockists: Content, lessismoreorganic.com…

They say: Nourishing leave-in conditioner, ideal for dry and thick hair, anti-frizz, makes hair wonderfully soft, supple and easy to comb. protects against heat when styling (e.g. when straightening) and helps to prevent split ends.

We say: A lot of product required for thicker hair textures.  Less Is More’s Lavender Smooth Balm works wonderfully well – experienced less breakage during blow drying and brushing after use. Hair texture felt smoother and softer, and had a lovely lavender scent to it afterwards. Unfortunately, this product does not last long, and my hair went right back to its frizzy, dry self a few hours later. Had to finish with a hair serum afterwards to lock in moisture. Otherwise, a wonderful hair product whilst effects lasted.


A sleek, efficient packaging that would take up minimal space on dressers and bathroom shelves. Great nozzle that does not leak much – keeps the product clean and maximizes use.


Perhaps more suited to finer hair textures, and does not last for long. Requires a large quantity of product for visible effects but reduces tangling and breakage significantly during styling. Hair was visibly glossier and softer after use.

Value for money

A tad on the pricey side for such a small bottle. Finish with an oil-based serum or hair oil to get the most out of this product.

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Less Is More Lavender Smooth Balm

Lavender smooth balm, £22.00 LESS IS MORE at contentbeautywellbeing.com

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