We Try You Buy: Less Is More Lindengloss Finishing Hair Spray

Lindengloss finishing hair spray


Less Is More Lindengloss finishing hair spray

Price: £6.48 (50ml); £21.60 (150ml)

Stockists: be-ecocentric.com, lessismore.at, greenorganics.com & pureshopskincare.com

They say: A 2-phase glossing spray to smooth frizzy and damaged hair, soften and to help minimize dryness, color fading and UV damage.
The Lindengloss purely organic anti-ageing glossing-complex with Lindenmead, Cistus extract, Wheat Germ oil and Macroloba oil – rich with potent lipids and anti-oxidants (polyphenols, carotinoids and vitamin E) – is completed with the most elegant aroma of Lindenflower water and finest essential oil of Petitgrain Bigarade.

We say: Not blown away by this at all. Not very effective. A lot of product is needed to give that smooth, glossy finish that can be easily achieved with any hair oil or serum product. The packaging is handy. A slim bottle that fits in most handbags and takes up minimal space on a dresser, and the spray application means no greasy hands afterwards. On the other hand, it also means that not much product is deposited. And it also separates out into two phases very quickly after it has been shaken. On the upside, this gloss does smell absolutely divine. Great for a quick final touch before leaving the house (especially if you haven’t washed your hair in a while).

Hair type: My hair is mid length, very thick, naturally straight with a slight wave. I had a balayage done with bleach around 8 months ago so most of it has faded out. I used the spray just after I’d washed my hair and blowdried it, and also the following morning when I hadn’t styled it, just to see how it would last throughout the day. Results were pretty similar for both. Did not try it with straighteners etc – as I don’t use any heating tools apart from a hairdryer.



Beautiful, sleek packaging with a nozzle that delivers a fine mist and a cap that does not fall off easily.


Perhaps more suited to someone with finer hair. Otherwise, a lot of product is required for any visible effect at all, and does not last for long.

Value for money

You’d certainly get your money’s worth of all the organic goodies in this, but for a product that tames frizzy hair more effectively, we’d save and splurge on an argan oil product instead.

Buy or Bye


Lindengloss finishing hair spray

Lindengloss finishing hair spray, £21.60 LESS IS MORE at be-ecocentric.com

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