Lightweight Lipsticks for Summer!

The Best (Cruelty-Free) Lipsticks to Wear All Summer Long

Now that summer’s here, you may be wanting to wear lighter make up, including on your lips. Whether you’re going to a festival, abroad, or enjoying being home, you want to be feeling like there’s nothing on your face at all. Liquid lipsticks are beautiful, but they can be a little drying and heavy. Glosses feel more summery, but they tend to smear a little more, not great when you’re already sweaty! All of these lipsticks are also cruelty-free, so they don’t test on animals.

Generation G, £14.00 Glossier


Defined as a sheer matte lipstick, this fantastic option from the ultimate cool-girl brand is one of the best. It comes in a minimalist white tube, and the product is very lightweight, while still providing a hefty serving of colour. Helpfully, the website has a video of each lipstick being swatched on three different skin tones, so you can get an idea of how it will look.

Matte Lip Color, £4.50 E.L.F. at

This fantastically affordable option is great for summer. The darker shades are a little bit better, so if you’re after a lighter shade, you might want to test it out in-store, rather than ordering a load online. A side-note; the colour at the tip of the tube is actually a sharpener, for when you need that precise application on-the-go!


Vice 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil, £13.05 URBAN DECAY at

Okay, so this isn’t strictly a lipstick, but lipliners, when applied as the overall lip colour, tend to be very lightweight, and a little more smudge-proof! They tend to have a matte finish, and you can get fantastic products at all prices. This option from Urban Decay is very pigmented, and has a massive shade range. However, it’s worth noting that while Urban Decay itself is cruelty-free, it is owned by L’Oreal, which does still test on animals.

Antimater Lipstick, £20.00 Illamasque

Described as a semi-matte finish, this is long-lasting, but avoids being heavy or drying (as the name suggests!). For a company with a reputation for unusual colours, this option’s shade range is a little more traditional than their other output. However, the excellent pigmentation, comfortable feel, and long-lasting powers make this a great option for summer.


Studded Kiss Lipstick, £15.30 KAT VON D at

Available in a huge range of shades, this lipstick provides a much lighter alternative to the phenomenal Kat Von D liquid lipsticks (honestly, most of her products are phenomenal). They’ve actually replicated the consistently popular ‘Lolita’ shades from the liquid lipstick line, too. Specifically designed to feel weightless, they really nailed the formula of this one.


So there you have it! What are some of your ultimate summer lipsticks?


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