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Is there anything more annoying than spending weeks primping and priming ourselves for our holiday in the sun for it all to be ruined by the plane journey. Every time I come off a plane I’m greeted by sun, sand, eye bags and spots.

Planes are just awful for your skin and the longer we’re on them the more damage is done. We can’t miraculously turn planes into extra hygienic havens full of moisture, but we can bring a couple of products onboard to help us out. Here are our in flight beauty tips.


in flight beauty
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Start your flight with all of your makeup off, of course if you want to wear it to the airport for a cute pre-vacation Insta then be my guest. But, pack a mini micellar in your carry on, even a pack of wipes will do (Caroline Hirons said wipes are okay for flights — stay calm). Your skin will be struggling already and a full face of makeup is just going to worsen the issue.


Unfortunately we’re limited with what products we can take on the plane with us because of the 10 X 100ml rule. However a couple of sheet masks, a lip balm and a moisturizer will do us just fine.

Sheet Masks

Starting with sheet masks, although we may scare fellow passengers on the flight sheet masks are super portable and really moisturizing. This is a must-have in flight beauty product. And, as they’re just a one-time use situation they’re really easy to just pop on and then throw away with no fab. If you want to go the extra mile you can also get sheet masks specifically for the under eye. This will help de puff and overall make you look less tired when you step off the flight.


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Other Masks

If your vibe isn’t the scary looking sheet masks, you can also opt for a moisture mask that sinks in gradually and doesn’t need to be washed off. The Summer Fridays JetLag mask with its incredibly apt name is perfect for on flight use. Approved by ultimate Jetsetter, Kim Kardashian this mask can be used all over your skin including those tired under eyes and left to reveal radiant, dewy skin. The mask does’t need to be rinsed so you can also use it under makeup as a hydrating primer.


The main issue with planes is they suck all of the moisture out of your skin, so it’s really important to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Opt for a richer moisturiser than you usually go for so it can sink in throughout the flight. I’d also either add some extra moisutriser around your eyes or bring an eye cream (if it fits). Also bring a thicker lip balm to reapply throughout the flight because there’s nothing worse than parched lips.



Once you’ve landed in your hopefully hot and tropical location you may want to spruce yourself up a tad. I wouldn’t recommend piling on the makeup but a bit of undereye concealer won’t go a miss. I’d also apply a light layer of tinted moisturiser to brighten and even the skintone, we love the Laura Mercier one. A few coats of mascara also awakens the face and always makes me feel much more put together.



P.S. The boring tip that we all love to hate, drink lots and lots of water. This will hydrate your skin from the inside out (and it’s also really really good for you). Happy travelling !

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