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We can all relate. You’ve booked your beach holiday and promised yourself that you’ll start a three month fitness and healthy eating regime so that you can swan around on the beach in that two-piece at the back of your wardrobe (that you refuse to give to charity because you’ve convinced yourself that you you’ll fit back into it).  This Thursday I’ll be hopping on a plane and getting off to the Dominican Republic so I’ll basically be spending a week in swimwear and to say that I’m not prepared is an understatement. When I booked the holiday in November last year I had the best intentions.

Well, as you know I cancelled my gym membership due to that fact that I wasn’t attending…at all… so I guess you could say that my ‘operation get a beach body ‘fitness regime was doomed from the start.  So two weeks ago reality hit and I decided to start running. So, why was it that I felt like I was getting fatter.  A quick Google search revealed that when you embark on an intensive exercise regime it looks like you are getting bigger because of the muscle development under your fat. As you can imagine that put an end to my morning runs.


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Being that I’m not one for quick fixes I’ve swerved the temptation of fad diets such as juicing or cutting out carbs. Instead I bought a few more cover-ups and promised myself that I’ll start my regime earlier next time. This did however, prompt me to research ways in which to get beach prepped in a short amount of time, say two weeks, without resorting to drastic measures. Because I love you readers so much I’ve decided to share the gems that I picked up from a few heath and fitness experts so that you don’t suffer like I am (I say suffer – I jest, I’m being dramatic, I know).


Nutritionist Rick Hay shared some of his weight-loss tips you can try that will make a difference in even two weeks.  He explains, “I like the idea of tuning up the body to help with weight loss – a bit like training for a sports event.  I believe that you get better long term results – and more importantly these results are quick but sustainable.”


Here are 10 tips you can try out to help manage your weight…


Don’t skip breakfast

A healthy breakfast will help with weight management goals and cognitive function.  Think porridge with berries or scrambled eggs with avocado – I also like a superfood smoothie option.  Spinach, banana, dates and rice milk is one of my favourites to help with weight loss – I turbo charge this with a serving of Sunwarrior Plant Based Protein Powder or with Healthista’s new Lean Vegan Diet Protein to help increase satiety and nutrient intake.


Take a shot

I recommend that first thing before breakfast that you take a superfood shot as this boosts your metabolism and  helps to alkalise the body. It also provides a nice array of vitamins and minerals together with antioxidants to support immune function. One teaspoon of either spirulina, barley grass, wheat grass or chlorella is the perfect option – or you can even use a superfood blend that contains all four.



Eat colourful foods

Phase 1 of your tune up is to start your day with nutrient density. Coloured foods are nutrient dense and often are high in fibre.  An integral part of a weight management plan is to not only eat more colourful foods during the week together but to consume less meat and more plant based options. This helps with digestive function and cardio vascular function and overall health.


Drink lemon water

Have some fresh lemon or grapefruit juice in a little warm water first thing in the morning to kick start your metabolism. The drink also helps with liver and gall bladder function as well as to metabolism fat.


Smack sensibly

Mid morning think a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts or seeds – this fruit and protein combo is perfect to help keep you full and it will reduce cravings and stabilise blood sugar levels too. Foods that are high in fibre are great weight loss aids as they help will feelings of fullness.


Ditch the coffee

For hydration during the day I recommend more herbal teas – you can buy some great blends to help with digestion, cleansing and energy. Pukka do a great range of blended teas that taste great. Fennel, spearmint and peppermint all help with digestive function and therefore with weight loss.  After dinner try to have a dandelion tea or dandelion coffee to help stimulate liver and gall bladder function and to help reduce fluid retention. Great to reduce the appearance of a bloated tummy too.


Ditch the pre-packed sandwich and prep your own lunch

Lunch should be colourful and light – think here of a healthy soup with vegetables and pulses like lentils or beans.  Another good choice is a green salad with balsamic vinegar and grilled or smoked salmon – tofu or tempeh can also be used if you’d prefer a vegetarian option. A healthy wrap is another that I would suggest – tuna, cheese or chicken with salad.    When it comes to mid afternoon I like a fat burning green tea or matcha green tea to help kickstart metabolism. You could also try some of Healthista’s new Body Food superfood powder in a little juice.


Don’t scrimp on the vegetables

For dinner I am a big fan of a quick spicy stir fry – these are good as they give you the chance to include lots of vegetables with the protein of you choice. When served with high fibre, brown rice or quinoa this really becomes the healthiest of dinners but don’t forget to add thermogenic spices like cayenne, turmeric and ginger. Thermogenic spices help the body to burn and metabolise fat.  Bitter foods also help with fat metabolism so think things like chicory, endive and rocket.


Treat yourself

You can also have desserts like poached pear or apple with sultanas and cinnamon – adding a little coconut yoghurt makes this a real treat! Dark chocolate is also allowed but in moderation of course.



I must quickly add that weight management campaign is further enhanced by doing some kind of movement several times a week – yoga, swimming, pilates and high intensity interval training all work well.

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