REVIEW: Malki Dead Sea Body Scrub with Frankincense Oil

Malki Dead Sea Body Scrub with Frankincense Oil

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They say

For the first time you’ll be happy to call yourself a scrubber! Malki’s new Dead Sea scrub banishes dull dry skin, leaving you silky and soft. From now on fabulous skin is only a fingertip away. For thousands of years the Dead Sea salts have been used in beauty treatments and cures for problem skin. The highly concentrated minerals work wonders on stressed skin, especially seeming to benefit sufferers of eczema and psoriasis.

We say

If you haven’t caught on yet I am thrilled by the Malki Dead Sea body scrub.  Not only did it smell fabulous but it left my skin smooth and so moisturised that I skipped my body lotion.  12 hours later and my skin was still gleaming and plumped out.  My shins are notoriously dry – but not today.  I didn’t want to mix any old shower gel into my experience so used a Korres Wild Rose one which blended beautifully with the frankincense. Of course it did! I found out later that the company do a bath salts with both scents mixed together.  The mixture needed to be swooshed about so the oils blended with the salts.  It was just the right consistency to stay on my body while massaging upwards in circular motions – some scrubs are too thin and whizz away down the drain while you try and catch them.  The salts are known for increasing circulation and reducing fluid retention making this scrub a good all-rounder beauty product.  I would recommend it for men as well as women.

I stepped out the shower feeling very calm and smelling like an box of expensive chocolates.  So, I left off my perfume to enjoy the aroma!

Salts from the Dead Sea are really special.  The minerals in the sea salt are great for dry skin and problematic skin including acne and eczema.  With winter around the corner and the heating poised to be cranked up skin is about to take an onslaught that makes summer sun seem like a silly problem.  Using any of the products from this range is going to be helpful and show some real results.

Overall, I am super impressed with all areas of this products from texture to aroma to effectiveness.  I will be gifting this to friends. It’s less money than a bunch of flowers or chocolates which makes it a perfect hostess gift.


Simple with dark evocative colours and a splash of gold.


Yes!  Very and will be buying more of the range and making this scrub a bathroom staple especially over the winter.

Value for Money

Frankly I don’t know how they keep the price as low as it is.  Stunning value compared to others on the playing field.


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