Man Crush Monday: Justin Timberlake

To much of our excitement Justin Timberlake is back and oh boy hasn’t he come back with a bang. We all know that Timberlake likes to make a statement (just like he did with that double denim look with Britney). We are not commenting on Timberlake’s style this week, but his new upbeat, funky song. ‘Cant stop the feeling’ is the ultimate summer tune and completely joyous to everybody’s ears. It is no surprise that the song went straight to number one, as we all love Justin Timberlake and have a soft spot for comeback artists. Justin not only has musical talent, but has also had an amazing acting career. We are extremely excited to see what else he has up his sleeve and will continue to listen to this amazing song. If you haven’t heard it yet, make sure you check it out!


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Least likely to…pet a snake. It has been documented that amongst Timberlake’s phobias are snakes, spiders, sharks and dying unloved…


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Impress him music.  Timberlake made a name for himself firstly as member of pop group *NSYNC then as a solo R&B star.  However one of Timberlake’ early performances was  actually sang at a country music event – the Grand Ole Opry (a popular weekly country music stag concert in Nashville, Tennesse) when he was just 10 years old.


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Mention…fashion faux pas. Like many pop stars Timberlake has experimented with his image – especially during his boy band days.  He is the first to admit he has had some fashion disasters such remembe that double denim episode and the cornrows?


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And another thing…Justin Timberlake started out in Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club as a child star alongside other celebrities such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling.


By: Natasha @NGThompsonx


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