Man Crush Monday: Kit Harington

Since 2011 our Man Crush Monday has been setting pulses racing as Jon Snow in the hugely popular fantasy drama Game of Thrones.  Kit Harington’s pleas to not be viewed as a sex symbol have fallen on deaf eyes – I can think of worse things to be labelled. Games of Thrones was the English actor’s first TV role.  Prior to this theatre trained Harington appeared on stage as Albert Narracott in the West End production of War Horse




Least likely to…forget his house keys again.  Harington learnt a painful lesson when he locked himself out of his flat after forgetting his house keys. Whilst trying to climb into his flat he fell and broke his ankle which meant that the film crew had to find ways of hiding the injury.




Impress him with…English history. The actor is a descendant of King Charles II.



Mention…wigs. Harington wore one to film the pilot of Games of Thrones.  He later grew his hair out to film the rest of season 1.




And another thing…Harington originally wanted to be either a cameraman, a journalist or a war correspondent…


By: Huna @ihunnamatata


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