Man Crush Monday: Mike Colter

Now, we’re not going to lie – one of the biggest draws to Marvel’s Luke Cage is the star himself – Mike Colter. At 6’3″, our bald-headed, deep voiced Man Crush Monday is a sight for sore eyes as he portrays the Marvel superhero in the series created especially for Netflix. Prior to landing the role Colter enjoyed roles in The Good Wife, The Following and Million Dollar Baby…




Least likely to…binge on junk food. The well-toned actor says, “…I eat lots of lean protein, no soda, no fast food or fried foods, and a lot of water. But I love food and often cook.”




Impress him with…Game of Thrones trivia. It’s one of his favourite TV shows.




Mention…technology. Coulter auditioned for his role on The Good Wife via his iPhone. He got the job and two weeks later he was filming in Iceland.




And another thing…after watching a film called A Soldier’s Story in 1984 aged eight, Coulter started a drama club at school, and his passion for acting began…

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