Man Crush Monday: Omar Borkan Al Gala

Is being too good looking a crime?  Well apparently some members of the Saudi Arabia police force think so and are alleged to have deported three men from the country for being too sexy…yes you read that correctly.  No words. Enter poet and model Omar Borkan Al Gala our Man Crush Monday.  Last year the  model shot to fame amid claims that he was one of these three men. -regardless of whether this story was true or not let’s just take a few moments to appreciate the man. He’s rocking his traditional dishdash (robe) and keffiyeh (headscarf) and posing with a camel – on paper this shouldn’t work. Thank me later….




Least likely to…turn down a compliment.  And why should he?  He says, “The attention is one of the things that every man in this world wants, especially from the girls, right? …It happens to me and it feels great.”




Impress him with…a tight dress.  Yep – he’s a typical hot-blooded 23 year old male…




Mention…photography.  The model is a keen photographer too.




And another thing…one admirer was so taken with him that she bought him a brand new Mercedes G55 for his birthday.  Ok, he’s hot but come on ladies…



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