Man Crush Monday: Robert De Niro

Following the announcement of a new comedy hitting our screens in January 2016, our Man Crush Monday this week is film legend Robert De Niro. The silver fox has been in countless hilarious films and his new role in Dirty Grandpa is set to be hysterical. Not only is he a tremendous actor, but he is also a rather fetching silver fox too. At 72 he is aging like a fine wine and his comic timing and smile charms us in every movie. De Niro has won many Academy Awards including ‘Best Actor’ and this week we are appreciating all the magical films he has bought into our lives. We can’t wait for the release of Dirty Grandpa for an after Christmas giggle. Be sure to check out the trailer, trust me you don’t want to miss it – did I mention Zac Efron is in it too?


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Least likely to…court unnecesary publicity.  De Niro famously rarely grants interviews. In fact the actor has very little interest in traditional celebrity life.


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Impress him with…a night out.  Reservations at either Nobu or Tribeca Grill are top of the list. Despite them both being top celebrity hangouts we hear they are his favorite.


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Mention…method acting.  De Niro puts everything into his roles. When he played Max Cady in Cape Fear he paid a dentist to mess up his teeth, then he paid even more to get them sorted out.


Prestige-Hong-Kong-Robert-De-Niro (472x640)

And another thing…he even worked as a cab driver for a little while to prepare for the role of Bickle in Taxi Driver.


By: Natasha @NGThompsonx


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