Man Crush Monday: Ryan Gosling

Canadian actor Ryan Gosling is our Man Crush Monday this week.  Gosling got his first taste of fame alongside Britney, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera as a member of the infamous Mickey Mouse Club. He landed his first big acting role in 1997 as Sean Hanlon in teen drama Breaker High and has since followed with memorable roles in films such as The Notebook and Drive. Gosling is a regular fixture on Hollywood’s ‘sexiest male’ list so it’s no surprise that he’s on our MCM radar…



Least likely to…limit himself.  He says, “…I also think that something interesting comes out when you do something that you’re afraid of, so I try to take things that I’m not sure that I can do. And this was certainly one of them. I didn’t feel like I was right for this at all, and I wondered how to find truth in a fairy tale.”


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Impress him with…Chet Baker. Gosley is a apparently a huge fan of jazz and is reportedly an accomplished jazz guitarist.  It’s belived he cites Baker as an inspiration.


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Mention…Justin Timberlake.   Whilst a member of the infamous Mickey Mouse Club Gosley lived with fellow Mickey Mouse Club member Justin Timberlake and Timberlake’s mother…


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And another thing…Gosley was removed from school and was home schooled by his mother…


By: Huna @ihunnamatata


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