Man Crush Monday: Tyson Beckford

Before Lucky Blue Smith and David Gandy there was only one male model’s name on everyone’s lips (and bedroom wall if you were under 18) and that name was Tyson Beckford. With the news that he has signed up to undertake a residency in Las Vegas with iconic male dance The Chippendales , who else could be our Man Crush Monday but him?  A year after being discovered in 1992 by historic hip hop magazine, The Source, Beckford landed the campaign for Ralph Lauren’s Polo line.  The rest, as they say, is history and Beckford can easily be described as the most recognised male model of all time…



Least likely to…hold back on his views of lack of diversity in fashion. In an interview with Esquire he says, “I mean, a lot of people don’t realize it, but fashion is one of the most racial industries left out there now. Radio and music aren’t. Television and movies aren’t. Even commercials now are showing interracial couples. You see a lot of diversity in TV shows, but you don’t see that in fashion. You think there would be some, because the consumer is of all colors and all shades. But you don’t see that in fashion.”



Impress him with…intensive exercise. Despite being in his 40s the former model does is believed to not only cycle and skip but he also does about 600 sit ups and between 200 and 1000 push ups a day!


Mention…Jamaica.  Although he was bron in in New York Beckford’s family relocated to Jamaica (the country of their heritage)  where they remained for the next seven years before returning to New York.



And another thing…if there was a male version of a video vixen then Beckford would be the King of them because over the years his sultry good looks have landed him a starring role in 22 music videos.

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